• Hi guys, greetings from Germany!
    First I wanted to thank you for releasing this plugin for free: I
    guess there was a lot of work behind it. Having said that, I wanted to add that I usually never leave reviews
    on anything, but this time it seemed
    like the minimum to spend two minutes in exchange for all those you
    saved me with your plugin. I first started using Webyx for Gutenberg and recently I tried the one
    for Elementor as well
    and I think they are both great! I'm not an expert technician or a computer programmer, so products
    like this are an asset to me.
    By actually using them you can get results that make you look like a
    much better designer or
    developer than you really are.
    When I become much more practical and confident in using Webyx, I
    really think I'll try the Pro version
    as well to expand my possibilities. For now, I leave you these well-deserved five stars and I also invite
    other users who have not yet
    taken steps to encourage you, to leave positive reviews: this is
    certainly the best plugin to create full page
    full screen navigation around, simple, flexible, tolerant and free,
    while the few other solutions out there on the
    market make you pay for even the simplest things and the Pro versions
    and related extensions reach exorbitant prices. My best wishes for all the Team.
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