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  • We’ve been operating 101 Holidays for almost 3 years. The design – by a friend of mine – hasn’t changed much in all that time. But we’re constantly looking at ways to iterate and fine-tune the design and functionality. I’m also interested in hearing game-changing “big” ideas.

    Because I’ve worked on the site for so long, it looks “normal” to me. I’ve also run out of friends and family to user-test it!

    So I’m also really keen to hear feedback from any first-time user. Fresh pair of eyes, and all that.

    In the past couple of months we’ve been working to improve the load speed of the homepage. We’ve also added the blue header navigation bar to link to other sites in the group. Interestingly, we’re now getting a lot of visitors to 101 Holidays wandering over to 101 Honeymoons (surprising because if you’re looking for a honeymoon, don’t you start looking for a honeymoon rather than a holiday?).

    Please let me know your thoughts / suggestions / comments. Thank you!


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  • I really like the graphical presentation of the ideas! 🙂

    It doesn’t look much like the typical WordPress-blog, which in my eyes is a good thing.

    Nice site, It’s so refreshing to see no drop-down menus. I used to love those, but they are now so 2005 and work very poorly on my iPhone. The fat footer is a little too fat as the home page doesn’t fit on a 21in iMac.


    The site is simple and nice, now lets go to bashing 🙂

    • Host your own scripts, no self respecting developer should ever rely on Google to do that.
    • Get rid of the Facebook plugin for whatever it ism it’s too heavy.
    • Instead of sprite use an image map. that alone will shave off 100kb off your front page.
    • Use a CDN.
    • CACHE your pages.
    • Combine and minify your scripts.
    • Move javascripts to footer.
    • And lastly, don’t resize images in WordPress, only use exact show sizes.(Times online image for example)



    Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time. We’ll talk through your ideas.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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