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  • Hello, all!

    I’m a recent switcher from b2, and I’m trying to make my log look more unique. When I was using b2, had a very original theme that I created from scratch, but I’ve simply grown sick of that look.

    I’m currently using Kubrick, after editing the images a bit. I am not quite sure how to proceed, though, as I don’t really know how it works. For example, is there any way that I could use a real background image that repeats vertically, rather than a repeated box of color? Furthermore, is there any way to separate the link bar from the rest of the page without just tinting its background? My trouble with that is simple: I’d like the separation to be a bit more visible, but if a darker color is used, the user will see that it does not merge with the header image.

    Is there a more convenient theme that I should be using? Kubrick just seems to be so uncustomizable, unless you’re just looking to change the images around. It took me two hours to just shrink the size of the header image, and change the corners!

    Any help would be much appreciated :).

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  • I like your design, especially the clipped corners.

    Most of your questions can be solved by editing the style.css that comes in the default theme’s directory.

    For the background image, edit line #32 to: background: url('path/to/your/image.gif') repeat-y;

    And I’m not sure what link bar you’re talking about. Do you mean the sidebar? That’s also in your CSS file. Line #519 is where the sidebar’s look is styled. You might try some borders around the sidebar or a different font?

    You should have a good grasp of CSS and XHTML if you’re going to try to edit any theme. I haven’t fiddled around with many other themes besides Kubrick, so I wouldn’t know about it’s convenience. I did build my whole site through modifications of Kubrick, though.

    Thanks for this thread. I’m trying to make my blog look nice/unique with the Kubrick theme and it’s been challenging so far. I am a CSS and HTML expert but am new to XHTML.

    I’ll dive into the syles.css in my Kubrick theme/template and see if I can make the edits I want.

    *takes a deep breathe and dives in*

    Another masochist!!


    That’s funny Yosemite…

    So I am going into edit the template files for Kubrick. And strangely there is no folder in the templates folder for “Kubrick.” Where are all these template files placed, in the “Default” template?

    Yes, they are.
    But “unique” with K.? Hmmm…

    so i’ll edit the files in the “default” template and that will alter the kubrick files, correct?

    also, i am a bit at a loss with how to edit these .php files. can anyone on the board offer me advice or some kindof wordpress tutorial for how to edit the php files?

    i am an html and css expert (so editing the styles.css is no prob) but diving into files like the footer and header.php files are very intimidating. not sure where to begin. advice? online tutorial or documentation specifically relating to editng wordpress blogs?

    You edit the .php files exactly like any .html file – in a normal plain text editor. No wysiwyg and fancy stuff 🙂
    The template files, well… they are built on html tags – just have inserted some php code snippets (called the template tags) to make things work.
    Useful readings:
    and a quick overview:

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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