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  • I just can’t get why does this plugin have so many negative votes!
    If you don’t know how to prepare an Facebook Application, you’ll have to learn it and yes it maybe will take you some time… But hey… This is not this plugin fault!
    I had my facebook applications already working, so this was really just 2 minutes and running!
    Perfect! Thanks!

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  • I agree to an extent, while I got Open Graph to work and looks nice a fancy, it took me longer than expected. Although, it was my first time creating an App for that.

    I too agree, made by facebook can’t be that bad .. but its really tough for newbie to get it to work can you share how you did that..!! Version 1.3.1

    Hi ashishverma.pu
    Your doubt is about how to make the Facebook Application, right?

    Would somebody mind teach non-technical user like me how to set up Social Publisher. I’ve created an app on facebook, but get stuck when trying to set up social publisher.

    Here where I stuck

    2. Associate an Open Graph action-object pair for your application: people can publish an article

    When I click create a new story button on facebook there’s a new window with empty action type list. Then I type “Publish” and select an object type “Article”. After clicking create button, it show this error:

    A custom Publish action is restricted. Please use the common Publish action instead.

    I’ve read the manual and video tutorial about open graph, but it so frustating just to understand what they talking about. How come the one explaining in the video use VI text editor or something on a thousand dollar macbook.

    I though she was using some kind of DOS until I look more carefully actually it’s a text editor. Is she trying to make her looks smart or to alienate most users who just try to get this plugin working. If she really smart, she can explain complex thing easier not make it harder.

    So please is there somebody would mind to explain it step by step.


    I’m lost, too. This is horribly, horribly convoluted.

    And not one guide I can find out there to creating an app, including Facebook’s own, actually corresponds with what’s available for us on the app settings page on Facebook.

    Everything is written in the most convoluted unexplanatory language I’ve seen in a while, and then screenshots of settings that’re no longer there. Great, thanks.

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    Rather than doing a pile on to someone else’s review why not just start your own support topic if you have a problem?

    You may find that more productive then complaining here.

    Sorry about the incorrect forum post placement, @jan — This page was the /only/ place I have found appropriate discussion about where I am at, at my experience level. Ironically, it is the “inappropriate” comments that make it a fruitful support page for me. 0_o

    Facebook has changed the interface but not their instructions for the Plugin. When you go to Open Graph in your developer area, it now defaults to “Create a New Story” instead of “Getting Started…” (as the instructions say). Just click Types on the left to get out of Stories, and it allows action/object creation from there.

    I am still in the middle of figuring out the whole thingy, but I can say: that is how I finally was able to “create” that pair. Next: It seems it must now be set as “Explicitly Shared” and then approved. { fb instr here } I am still also hopelessly lost but slightly less so . . .

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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