• staydry


    Would wish to thank plugin author for it first of all.

    Wondering why there are so few active installs. This simple but functional plugin allows you to monitor your entire WP installation for unwanted file changes (even for file permissions change!) and promptly notify you in case of something. Everyone whose website was hacked once knows how it is complicated to detect infiltration on initial stage and to find all changes in the file system. This plugin does a job.

    Be sure to install it on malware-free website, set correct ‘File Check Root’ in plugin’s settings, and tick all check-boxes in ‘File Check Method’ for file changes better recognizing. And to keep you website files structure (at least its system areas) actual backup somewhere for files further compare/replace in case of need.

    As one the ways of this plugin popularity improving can recommend its author to place clear and detailed description of plugin settings with recommended options. And to provide it with preset ‘File Check Method’ (with ‘File Hash’ tick at least) – to make it workable from the very beginning.

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