• It was not an easy search to find a product (plugin) that would add functionality that dramatically improves my Customer interactions and relationships.

    I service and repair clocks and vintage electronics. I needed a “simple” way to communicate from my site (me) and back to each of my Customers about the progress of the service or repair of their clock or radio.

    This plugin established the perfect foundation for me deploying such a solution with having to make minimal changes to the plugin itself.

    In addition to my servicing and repairing activities, I am also a part-time developer (mainframe and mid-range). This is a well written plugin that made my modifications effortless – modifications to align the plugin to my site’s branding.

    I highly recommend this plugin, the quality of the plugin, coupled with the excellent Customer Service, makes this plugin the perfect choice foe me today and going forward.

    Warm Regards

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