• Does what is says and much more!! – you can add custom html, css, scripts in the header or footer globally, or on a per page basis. You can even generate your own shortcodes! You can also conditionally add generic site scripts above the included script, and add custom classes to the body or post or dropdowns that appear on the page.

    And to the 3-star reviewer who said that scripts are hardcoded with: <script type=”text/javascript”>

    The plugin lets you add your own code, but has the <script type=”text/javascript”> hardcoded, so it doesn’t help if you need other types of scripts.

    You can get around this by adding your entire script block using the HTML input area, rather than in the SCRIPTS input area.

    Fantastic little plugin that has become one of my go-tos in my ‘plugin essentials’ toolbox. Kudos to the dev for providing their time free of charge for us all to benefit from.

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