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  • Perfect! I used another plugin – I think it was W3 total cache, but I had really long loading times, sometimes lag spikes…

    But now, it is amazing! It is so fast, thank you!

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  • That’s odd, would you be willing to let me test to see what the issue was on your server?

    I dont know, I had this issues only with W3 Total cache… with super cache plugin it works great!

    Maybe it was caused by bad settings, but who knows… now it is super fast!

    So you don’t want a courtesy professional site optimization?

    Professional site optization? Are you kidding me, right? – ok, W3 Total cache is a piece of sh*t, buggy plugin with low performance, with this plugin my website load slower than without this crappy plugin…

    With Total Cache plugin I have the best results, about 80% faster loading, no lags, no problem with settings!

    About 70% users have better results with super cache plugin, it is well known!

    WP Super Cache is the best!

    How can I improve the project when you take 4y of work and talk to me like I’m a piece of trash? It’s really hard to not take that kind of comment personally. There are millions of websites that use the software just fine, it’s been that way from the start. It’s a fact, nothing to argue about. I don’t want to argue about opinions, I want to find and fix bugs, what’s wrong with that?

    Don’t feel bad, Automattic censored my review because it was only four stars and I made a minor criticism. It is clear to me at least that the admins are playing games (i.e. censoring) the review system here..

    No reviews are censored here!

    I agree. The instant I deactivated W3 my site loaded 5X faster.

    I have a project which has over 20000 posts and i used to have super cache. But it could not handle it.

    W3 Total Cache is a fully customizable and proffessional plugin. I think the people which can not use w3tc are newbies or not developers.

    WP Super Cache has a few options to run and has an old fashion code structure.

    I like wp super cache but if you are a developer or have a big site, i think you should use w3tc. Especially if you have additional sql queries on your template files.

    This is my first and only comment in I write this because there is no need to discourage this plugin’s developer.

    Well it looks pretty sketchy when a member with 1 post writes a good review with bad grammar and then explains why he has only one post…

    anyway, we’re not discouraging other authors.

    We’re simply telling them that their plugin is very glitchy. W3 is overrated tbh.

    what will you do with my grammar. Do you want to add my grammar as plugin on your site.

    No, but you should.

    * Capitalize first letter and add a “?” if you’re asking a question.

    I bet the your htaccess settings weren’t right.

    I tested all the caching plugins and the w3tc was the fastest one. For example if load time without any plugin was 6 sec, it is around 1 sec with W3TC and probably more than 0.4 sec slower with the super cache plugin.

    Ahaha. But i wasn’t expecting a real answer, it was sarcasm.

    Whatever. #occupyW3TC 🙂

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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