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    I was Really sceptic on taking my chances with this, since I couldn’t find much reviews and around half of them were totally ditching. The reason I decided taking my chances after all was seeing that this has been updated only 9 months ago, with the most recent reviews from couple years ago.

    Setting the product up was as fluent as it could be. I only had to pick up my Google API, which is being used with other plugins too, and as I came to the activity page this was all ready. It found my location exact, the moment I landed the post section, and the only thing I then had to do was to write the beginning of the name or address of the location I wanted to share. That easily even the map was settled for the post I now published! Perfect, just perfect! ^^

    Thank You! It’s a totally exclusive service for a free one!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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