• As a long-time Drupal developer, this plugin feels like coming home. It works just the way I expect it to.

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  • Does it do the things that Drupal Views does? For example aggregating and joining nodes? I have views that do that and also some that export Json files. I couldn’t transfer a Drupal site to WordPress because I needed that functionality.

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    Sorry, I’m not clear what you mean by “aggregating and joining nodes”. Are you referring to View’s relationships? I’ve not explored Query Wrangler extensively, my use case is very simple. My sense is that there are probably a few things it can’t do that Views does natively. I’ve not talked with the developer, but reading the support forum, he seems quite responsive.

    By aggregating I mean sorting and grouping rows and then calculating totals, averages and other calculations on selected fields. By joining, I mean combining rows from different nodes on one of more common fields. Also my views could create tickers (scrolling rows.) And as said, I could create JSON files that I used in javascript to create dynamic graphics.
    These were all different modules but I couldn’t find anything that would do things like that and I imagine it would be too big a task for one developer to undertake.

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