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  • My review was 5 stars at first, then 1 star because of their support (please find below the whole story) but as it got a bit better, my finally rating will be 3/5.

    So far one of the best ecommerce solution currently available but it is too bad to see that the support isn’t following. Their limit between replying to your question or asking you to contact an external developper is very low compared to the other extensions.

    Whole story regarding my 1 star review:

    Woocommerce is a great ecommerce solution, maybe the best to start in ecommerce.

    However their support is a complete joke. I’ve been purchasing more than 500$ for extensions and even for a very simple request they will tell you:
    “What you’re looking to do is considered to be a customization. While customizations are not covered by our Support Policy, I can highly recommend talking to one of our WooExperts or to Codeable. These fine folks are very capable at working with you to determine the best course of action.”

    Their support is nonsense, they have a great documentation but if you need something else, they are not here anymore.

    Maybe the best example where I got such reply was:
    “I would like to know what is your official recommendation regarding the fact to disallow or not the checkout, cart page and other page accessible only when connected, from search engines (via robots.txt file).”

    I asked that because I found different results on internet so I wanted to be sure by asking the company under the solution I’m using.

    But no, it’s a customisation, they can’t tell me.
    Thank you for this amazing support.

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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    How do you define a “simple” request? How do you know it’s simple if you don’t already know the answer? Thousands of “simple” customisation requests stack up to the point of unsustainability.

    Support covers bug fixes, usage help, general guidance types of things. But when it comes to code changes a line has to be drawn.

    Your example – this isn’t a case covered in the documentation or something core does out of the box. Robots.txt does not prevent access, only suggests pages search engines should not index. So yes, if you want to defer from that it’s customisation territory. Posting this review doesn’t change that, it just damages the platform you’re using and annoys the developers 🙂

    Code changes? Knowing whether we should index the cart and checkout page in the search engine or not is in the category “Code changes” ?
    Come on..

    Anyway, I got finally a reply to my question. I had to tell your support that i changed my 5 stars review to 1 star, I think they understood that no replying might cost them more money than replying. (Bad reviews > Less customers for you > Less money)

    For those who’s looking for the answer from a woocommerce engineer:

    “Unfortunately we don’t have an official recommendation here. Personally though, since both the cart and checkout pages are dependent on user inputs .. I don’t see much value having them show up in search results. I’d go ahead and disallow them in the robots.txt file like so:
    Disallow: /cart
    Disallow: /checkout
    I hope this helps.”

    Ps: Mike, let me correct you regarding your last sentence: You should not be annoyed to have feedbacks from your users, you should see it as a way to improve. Ask your marketing team 🙂

    I wanted after the reply from the support to change my review to 4 but due to your reaction Mike, I will give it a 3 (the last sentence shouldn’t be written to your customers!)

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Hey just being honest 🙂

    But still, you should be happy to have feedback, it shows you ways to improve your company and increase your business. Everyone company should be happy to have feedback especially the bad ones so don’t be rude with people who complains about something 🙂

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Sorry if it came across rude but not my intention. I do like constructive feedback about the product itself, however, I do get frustrated by users who post reviews to get special treatment and/or expect free customisations, especially given a lot of the platform itself is free. Stating code is “simple” is quite insulting when the actual work involved may be substantial or require a lot of technical knowledge. Hope you understand.

    I can understand some things, some are more complicated and this is why:
    – Free platform, that’s true but the support ticket I used is available only for those you paid an extension (as I bought a couple of your extensions), so we can’t talk about free support in my case. In the other case, I would understand it.

    – Could you please tell me the actual work involved for you to reply yes or not when someone is asking “Should I include the cart & checkout page in the search engine?”.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    That one was pretty basic I’ll give you that, but using robots.txt is not something specific to WooCommerce 🙂

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