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  • I wish to create custom permalinks for my pages/posts containing question signs, equal signs, dots and dashes. I have tried the plugin Custom Permalinks, it just adds percentage signs in the URL, dots works fine, but any other character (except letters and numbers) are returned as percentage code. I have tried adding the percentage code in manually and this works in the page/post area, but when I go to the page, the percentage signs are back. I’ve made sure that the permalinks settings are set to postname. Anyone got any ideas?

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  • What exactly do you want to achieve with these permalinks? You did check under Settings > Permalinks all your different options to structure your permalinks, right?

    Also, please read up on url safe characters, as for example detailed here

    Alphanumerics [0-9a-zA-Z], special characters $-_.+!*'(),, and reserved characters used for their reserved purposes (e.g., question mark used to denote a query string)

    Yes I checked under settings, but since there are several different custom URLs I wish to create with pretty much nothing in common I can’t use the permalink structure. Also, I have very limited knowledge of coding, so I wish to avoid getting into too complicated stuff. I have used this plugin before and also percentage coding for the same purpose without trouble, which is why I’m wondering if there is an easy-fix.

    If you are having trouble with the plugin, you should ask in its support forum:

    Also, can you give us an example of how your final urls should look, and how they look now?

    This is what I want:
    This is what I get:

    I will check the support forum too, thanks

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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