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  • wambamboo


    I’m using the plugin Per Page Sidebars.

    I can get the plugin to work with every page except for the posts page where I have my blog.

    If I add a new sidebar for the blog page on the dashboard I get no changes.

    So I’ve worked out that the sidebar on the blog page comes from index.php but I can’t find where Per Page Sidebars stores its files so as to find somewhere to direct index.php.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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  • wambamboo


    Solved: Used Display Widgets plugin instead.

    I’m still using the Per Page Sidebar and it was working on my blog post page, but since migrating from a Windows server to a Linux server, a few things got a little messed up, the PPS custom sidebars being one. I was able to recover and fix the sidebars on all of the affected static pages, except the blog post page. The widget for this page shows up on the Widgets admin page, and allows me to enter text boxes, etc., but it won’t show on the blog post page itself. The blog post page still shows the default widget box, even after selecting for its replacement in the editor.

    What can I do? Should I deactivate the plugin? If so, will my working PPS widgets be negatively affected?


    Oops, I meant: Thanks!

    Sorry I’ve not been monitoring these forums!

    agatha1: Hi Agatha! I was able to duplicate your issue. The plugin works off of the page name and WordPress changes the page name in memory for the posts page. I fixed this for a client. I’ll update the version in the repository to include the fix soon.

    CherieDC: It sounds like you are facing the same issue. Do you still need the fix?

    Hi Brian,

    Yes, I still need the fix. From you other responses about this very same request, it sounds like a fix is on it’s way. Looking forward to it as soon as is possible.

    Thank you and Happy New Year!


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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