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  • Hello,
    I really love Cache Enabler and how fast it lets me make a website. I have however stumbled into a problem. I need to add multiple currencies to a website with the default being based on the user’s IP address – USD for people from the US and Euro for everybody else. Unfortunately, Cache Enabler just caches according to the first visit, so if it’s an European user it would just cache the price in Euro or if American – USD, respectively. Is it possible to have Cache Enabler build two separate caches – one for the US and one for worldwide users? I have managed to achieve that with another plugin (and a plugin for the plugin :)) but while OK the results are just not as good as Cache Enabler.

    I’m using one of the currency modules of Booster Plus for the Geo based currency and of course they don’t offer any caching support whatsoever. I can go around the problem having WooCommerce Geo Locate with caching support, but it’s a workaround at best, plus it looks terrible (the url) and I’m positive it negatively affects SEO.

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