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    In my WP blog, I have categories called “frontpage” and “music,” and I’d like to put short lists of the articles in these categories on other parts of my website. In particular, the frontpage of my website should have a list of articles from the frontpage category, and the music page on my website should have a list of articles from the music category.

    How can I get a simple list of the 5 most recent articles in a category to be displayed on these other pages?

    Each should contain the date, title, and the article summary.

    http://mysite/blog/index.php is the main blogpage that comes with WP.

    http://mysite/music.php and http://mysite/index.php need to contain the lists of articles for the frontpage and music categories.

    The title of the article should link to the main article page in the blog directory, i.e. http://mysite/blog/path-to-article/articlename

    THANKS! – Jameson

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  • Well, that is sort of what the category page does on it’s own, assuming you are using a template that comes with a Cat Archives file. When you click on the category listed under a specific post, it takes you to a page listing ALL the posts in that cat. You can modify this to show the full content or the excerpt ot just the title (permalink) of the posts.

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