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  • Multisite seems like a good way to accomplish what I need. It is much easier that multiple WP installs that’s for sure. The one problem multisite causes is authentication. I don’t mind the built-in central authentication system for wp-admin access because the same person may have more than one blog. But I don’t want to use it for “subscribers” I would like to know if there is a plugin that creates a spate user system that’s unique for each blog for its “subscribers” for the purpose of commenting, and that can be integrated though the use of functions into other plugins that reply on users.

    I could always remove the authentication from commenting and have all comments anonymous but frontend users as I’ll call them would be useful for other plugins I may integrate for my bloggers or create for my bloggers. SO an actual frontend user system would be best.
    Ideally the system should be able to include:

    * Embedding signup, login, and profile forms to one or more pages
    * login sidebar widget
    * integrated with wp commenting system
    * functions similar to wp built in authentication functions for integration with other plugins

    Does such a system even exist?

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