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  • Tevya


    I am thinking about building a site where there would be probably 4-15 authors who would have different pages for their software or other helpful tools. Its all free for download stuff–just be a repository of tools.

    I want a way where each author puts in his/her Paypal info, and a donate button appears on each of the pages they create (but probably not posts), Instead of having to manually paste in the code each time.

    Does anyone know if this has been done before, or if there’s plugins for it, etc.? I tried searching, but only came up with tutorials to install a basic Paypal donate button (something I already knew how to do). We could have each author do this on each page, but I was hoping to streamline things for them. That’s kinda the point of this site: let them work on their software/code, not the page that hosts it.

    Thanks in advance for any help/ideas/etc.

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