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  • digibucc


    I have been searching for awhile now for a solution , and have now resigned myself to the idea that i will have to code this myself.

    I have tried various image watermark plugins, and can’t get any
    of them to work. I need it to happen on upload, behind the scenes
    as well (no encompassing plugins like nextgen).

    I will have a folder with pngs based on each author’s login.
    and then insert a function that uses imagecopy() with the_author_meta( $user_login); set to a variable that chooses which png to watermark with.

    does this make sense? am i missing something? it doesn’t sound
    too complicated, so i am wondering why i am not finding it already
    done… that makes me think i am missing something…

    ideas? thoughts? thanks!

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  • digibucc


    ok so i ended up trying marekki’s watermark plugin again, and got
    it to work. so that got me 99% of the way there.

    each user has their own watermark in a specific folder on the server
    (images/company-images/watermarks/, in the root of the site), using
    their user_id as the name (ie 12.png or 7.png) you can see the user
    ids from the user list on the admin side.

    anyway, in wm_functions.php i changed :
    “$imageLogo=ImageCreateFromPNG(“… (line 81 i believe)

    to :
    $user_id = get_current_user_id();
    $imageLogo=ImageCreateFromPNG(“”. $user_id. “.png”);

    i am sure you can use siteurl and make it relative, but i hard-coded my site’s address (not

    hope it’s useful to someone, I didn’t change the settings page
    or anything, so it’s not a “clean” change per say, but it works.
    I am starting to clean it up now, but functionally it’s what i
    needed so the rest is minimal.

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