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  • Click here. This is an oh-so-alpha look at the new site I’m working on with some of my cohorts from around the WordPress community. I’m currently trying to gauge interest for it being released as a theme when it’s finished, a “show of hands”, if you will. Assuming that it is publicly released, it will be a fairly large offering, including step-by-step tutorials for modifying different sections, integrating certain elements, changing the menu, etc. Not to mention including the source files (PSDs galore!) for the layout. So, have a look, tell me what you think, what could be changed, where I can stick it, whatever you think it appropriate… 😉

    Viva la WordPress!

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  • I like it. Loads fast, hopefully that wouldn’t get lost in the shuffle. Nice look – font selection is interesting, but that would have to be a graphic or something, right?

    Just please make the PSDs usable in something besides the latest PS – I don’t have it because I can’t afford it, and my antique version 5 won’t work on XP. That leaves me with PSP 8. Or the gimp, which I just really don’t like working with. I’ve had problems with PSDs lately – apparently PS is now so proprietary that they don’t work right in other programs.

    How about this… I’ll make the source files available in multiple formats; not just PSD. More choices is teh bettar. 😉 Thanks for the kind words! I’ll be sure to include the fonts as well, assuming that I can figure out a way to do that as per the GPL, etc, etc.

    That would certainly be nice! I generally try to start with pngs and go on from there. I’d LOVE to have the latest and greatest PS, but since I’m not a graphics artist, I really can’t justify the cost; and it’s not just chicken change….

    lovely work – it would be a popular theme I imagine

    @vkaryl – Since I completely understand that not everyone can actually afford to shell out hundreds of dollars for a piece of software, I’m trying to make it accessible to those of us “Po’ design folks” who might use PSP or Fireworks as their image-editing program of choice.

    @jinsan – Thanks for the compliments! I figure it’s a win-win situation… 🙂

    or wait for Adobe to make some sort of interoperability between the next products since they now own Macromedia;)

    Oh. I’d forgotten about that potential, Jinsan. I don’t know though – I’ll bet ALL the products just get more expensive….

    It’s a nice theme and inspiring 🙂
    But be aware that any theme that for “customization” requires tweaking PSD files or whatnot… it’s not for the average user! I consider myself quite an advanced WP user, but I have never had Photoshop and no intention to buy it. BTW, except the Win that came with the PC and the anti-virus software I have never bought anything to install. If I can solve something with a piece of free software – it’s fine. If not – drop the problem 🙂 And I am quite sure thousands of WP users are just like that.

    Great looking site, but I note one possible improvement.

    An alternating highlite for each comment would make that page more readable.

    @moshu – Hence the reason I’ll include the source files in as many formats as possible, to satisfy the largest number of people… Also, you can just as easily swap the images out with other ones that you created in whatever format you want; it’s your choice. 🙂 You most certainly won’t have to edit anything other than the CSS just to make simple changes to the layout.

    @marc – Working on that, just not sure exactly what I want them to look like at the moment. 😉 (Like, I said, alpha version! Please keep all hands and feet inside the website at all times…)

    Suggestions are always welcome… Aesthetic as well as functional. 🙂

    peopleproof, you’re ugly. but the site looks nice 😛

    I said good day!

    @shep – I have two words for you, and they’re not ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Thanksgiving’… 😀

    “wanna beer?”

    Sure, i’ll take one.

    I Love it! But you should’n display the URI next to the people in your Blogroll.

    @redge – I’m actually working on a way to encrypt the output of the link manager, so I can still have a way to differentiate between people on there with the same name, but without leaving it vulnerable to spammers and the like. I’ll also be implement Bad Behavior from io_error and Spam Karma 2, so hopefully there shouldn’t be too much of a problem. 🙂

    Anyone else have anything they’d like to see, I’m open to suggestions… 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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