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  • This might not be the forum but I just can’t believe the number of redundant questions I see about how to change a header, change column widths, colors, etc. Basic questions. I have to admit I’ve posted some pretty lame questions..but I think I at least do my share of searching and reading first. I finally broke down and asked a question about what code to use to include latest post title on my links – still waiting for answer, ahem!

    Anyway – I’m not sure if people don’t know to look in the wiki or do a search or…I just don’t know what the problem is. Would it help to have simple easy fixes such as those in a FAQ that is posted at the very top?

    I see why some people get frustrated answering questions..I’ve answered a few in the last couple of days and don’t mind… but I wish people would search. I know these easy ones have been answered a trillion times before. I don’t know how Podz keeps his sanity and calm. By the way Podz, if you happen to read this and know the answer to my question 😉

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  • Well…. there has to be a smart..blah blah you know what 😉 in every group. Since it was technically a “request / feedback” you’re right, I didn’t necessarily perform the search function since requests or feedback don’t typically require a search first. 😉

    What pool do you swim in, joni?

    Well, I noticed “they” moved the search bar even further up and “out of the way.” It should stay close to where ever I happen to be typing.

    A sneaky thing would be to disguise the search as a thread title and when they click “submit” (it’s been a long time since I couldn’t find an answer so I don’t remember what it actually says) they get a returned search of the forum 😉

    Edit: It took me a while to find where all these threads are coming from and there has been some cool updating of the form. I’ll have to find an excuse to try it out… hmmm, should I choose “headers already sent”, “sidebar dropping”, or …

    Search is only as good as the input. I recall one post asking how to make “collapsable” links. Well, of course, they didn’t find that in a search and no one else will find that thread with the answer if they do a search for “collapsible” links either. That’s part and parcel of an international forum with members ranging in age from as young as 12 on up. (12 being the youngest age I noticed.)

    I do find the trend to “I searched and searched” disturbing – it means that people are starting to be afraid to ask a question for fear someone will jump all over them. This forum is an excellent, excellent resource, but if people are afraid to use it, it’s much less so.

    Heh, heh… I find “I searched and searched” refreshing, though I suspect it is more akin to “The check is in the mail….” Maybe if they are “afraid” enough, more people will actually search.

    On the other side, it has been a long while since anyone here (as far as I know) has been rude. Reminders are far from threatening and I don’t think anyone will be “afraid” to use the forum. I suspect if I ever create a new thread I will mention that I couldn’t find the answer on my own because I find myself more committed to helping others who actually have.

    I don’t want to spend 30 minutes figuring out the answer for a poster who spent 30 seconds – and that only on typing the question. I want to help those who tried but can’t, not those who can’t be bothered to try.

    One thing I’ve tried way back when I did forum support for IE, was to get the other forum watchers to agree to a simple policy. If any of us saw posts that didn’t 1) ask a well formed question 2) refer to some attempt to search for it 3) mention looking over the FAQ, we’d point the poster, in the friendliest way possible, to a one page sheet that listed how to do those 3 things.

    This wasn’t too much to ask and it balanced out the 30 second to 30 minute tradeoff Beel points out.

    I’ve used the support forums quite a lot for what some people might consider to be simple problems with an obious answer but that’s because I really struggle with the codex – it’s great for some stuff but assumes a level of knowledge about php that I just don’t have. In the past I have read the answer to a question without knowing it answered my question or understanding anything it said.

    On a positive note, I’m learning more and more every day and wouldn’t go back to blogger if you paid me (though I do miss their instant preview bit).

    You know what would really help? If, after folks solve their problem, which most seemingly do, they’d come back to the forum and put a short post on here explaining how they did it.

    So if anyone can help me I promise to do this!!

    And I’ll say this too… virtually all of the helpers on this forum are pretty darn friendly and patient with us newbies. And they’re not affiliated with WP and have almost nothing to gain. Perhaps I missed it but I haven’t seen a whole lot of support from the creator(s) of WP here.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    “Perhaps I missed it but I haven’t seen a whole lot of support from the creator(s) of WP here.”

    If they were here, they’d have no time to code 🙂

    The disorganization here is incredible. I’m not a newbie and it took me a while to figure out how to do simple things using wordpress other than just setting it up initially. The problem is that the forums are just not conducive to finding what you need. I’d sooner put up a phpBB forum and bedone with it.

    Second there is no organization of efforts. There is no section that provides a list of completed plugins, themes, etc. It’s a bunch of different places trying to compile things for the benefit of others that is a constant effort.

    The sooner this place is organized the better.

    You have posted two trolling messages, please stop.

    I hope and pray we don’t got to a forum set up. While this may (or may not) take some getting used to, it’s much easier than reading a forum format. The search may give you several different directions to look, but at least it does it in a user friendly way.

    And as was said in your original thread, you are welcome to start your own forum, phbb or otherwise, and organize it however you want.

    I am unable to read all this thread, but wanted to comment on something Podz said. I appreciate so much the positive approach, and that to each person the problem is new or important to them, and that you never know what their situation is.

    I am able to search to a pretty good extent and find many answers as I shared in a post a few moments ago. But am limited in what I can do also and sometimes need to be able to find info without having to “wade through.”

    I’m even hesitant to post this because I don’t consider my problem handicapping but rather a challenge to work through. So am not complaining but rather just praising the positive attitude that Podz offered (and maybe others in this post as I can’t read it all). Personally I’m doing great and have been able to do all my websites and all, but lose my focus when I try to read through a lot of material. My website explains more, but this is not a plug for that either, just thanking the support team again for being so patient and helpful.

    Podz is right, you never know the situation of those that may post. Some are lazy I’m sure, and I don’t know if I’d be as patient as you all are. But some may not be good readers, or may not be able to comprehend as easily as others or may have not known just what to search for, or…”

    I’m amazed at the patience you all have no matter how redundant, and that is part of what makes WordPress so special.

    Don’t mean to overdo the thanks, but this post caught my eye.


    Welcome Nurice, and your thanks are appreciated. We are not adverse to constructive criticsm here, just trolling. When I started with WP, I was an absolute total “newbie” as I had never used PHP. I installed it along with WP. I got the answers for the questions I asked here, but it was the searching and “wading through” which provided the education I needed to figure things out on my own.

    I appreciate it when someone tosses me a fish now and then, but fishing is much more rewarding (and fun).

    Just to speak for myself…I almost always search first. I try to make it a habit. I even look at FAQ’s on websites before emailing people! 😀 But sometimes a search doesn’t bring up a post that solves my problem, or only solves part of it. Admittedly, I don’t usually look beyond the first page of results, because I usually don’t find better answers than the first page. I just posted a question about adding a link attribute in quicktags.js. I did find results, but even the person who posted some code said it didn’t work.

    As for the times I don’t search first, it’s usually because I forget, and I apologize for that.

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