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  • It’s really annoying that I cannot use a Splash Page (index.html) along with the WordPress (index.php)

    Before I came across this problem, WordPress was the best website tool for me on this planet. If I’m not wrong, in earlier versions of WordPress, there was no such problem.

    Please fix it in your next release & make everyone happy who’s seeking this change.

    Thank You!

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  • It makes no difference if you use wordpress or some other web platform. You cannot serve more than one index page at a time. It has nothing to do with WordPress. You can serve one and link to the other, or serve one from root and link to the other in a sub-directory.

    But, I was using an IPB Forum, 2-3 years back which never gave such problem.

    You can only serve one “index” file at a time. Your server settings determine which index file extension takes precedence. If you have -or had- more than one it is either linked to, or served from a different directory.

    A quick Apache description of the Directory Index Directive

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    WordPress points to it’s install ‘directory’ instead of specifying index.php, which allows for greater customization of the site.

    IPB points to the index.php file specifically.

    This has always been a WordPress ‘problem’.

    I don’t see why people don’t make a splash page using a static front page? You can customize the hell out of it and make it look like whatever you want.

    You could write an .htaccess rule to show splash.html upon requesting your domain name. The .htaccess rule would check for http:// www. domain. tld being requested. Then splash.html contains a link to http:// www. domain. tld/ index.php.

    A majority of users don’t type the specific file name when visiting a site. If they were to type JUST your domain it would work.

    Just a thought.

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    I think that’d be the same problem at the end of the day, though, charlieholder, since WP’s ‘home’ link always points back to http://domain.tld and not http://domain.tld/index.php

    I mean, you could hard-code that into your WP header and all links, but it’d take some wiggling.

    Splash pages are teh ebil 99% of the time:

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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