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  • Brandon Kraft


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    Same here.

    It’s some kind of conflict with, I think, the updated jQuery UI that shipped with 3.6. Haven’t had time to track it down yet.

    Same here. I notice this issue also since I upgrade WP to 3.6.

    ISSUE FOUND, is same as other post (

    Below the thing you have to do to solve it:

    Go to peoples-list.php and find and delete the line below you should be fine:

    wp_enqueue_script('people-lists-jquery-sortable', plugins_url('/people-lists/js/jquery-ui.min.js'), array('jquery','jquery-ui-tabs','jquery-ui-sortable'));

    Sintmacro – Just wanted to say thank you 🙂 I deleted the line above and it works perfectly again 🙂

    thinking about taking over the further development, since the Admin of this plugin seems to lost interest on this.

    thank you 🙂 It’s ok!

    I would appreciate someone taking this on, if indeed the developers have abandoned it. It (and User Avatar) are very useful plugins, but they have to be updated.

    Having to hack it to get it to work again means that I’ve already taken the first step in moving away from the author’s development cycle. If they don’t revive it, I’ll either have to move to another plugin, or try to maintain my own hacked version.

    I’d really appreciate if someone would take this on as well. I’ve been asked to admin a site that I didn’t build and the webmaster that the org had has died, so I can’t ask her questions about what she did to get the site together. I’ve been having a problem with a people list issue for the last month at least and so far have not been able to find a solution.

    The above fix didn’t fix the issue I’m having currently but it at least answered the question about why the template info link didn’t do anything.

    Well, the fix above didn’t directly fix the issue I’d been having but it did allow me to see what was wrong with the list I had created. My issue has been fixed, though in a round about way!

    Thanks Sintmacro for the fix above. Worked for me.

    I too hope someone will take up these plugins. They’re pretty useful.

    Fix above fixes the add but in Template Info, Before&After tab, at the bottom of the gray view I have this error message: “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in (…)/wp-content/plugins/people-lists/people-lists.php on line 616”

    I have the REAL fix for this problem. The challenge is the plugin uses an OLD version of the jquery.ui.min.js — jquery’s user interface program that deals with drag-n-drop and other cool functionalities. You’ll find it in this folder:
    The first step is to rename that original file to something like ‘jquery.ui.min.js.OLD’ to render it useless. Then, we have to go to jquery’s website to find an updated version and upload it to the same folder.

    Go to jquery’s site and download an updated version of the jquery.ui.js file:

    At the bottom of the page is an option to include a theme. Select no theme from the dropdown, then press the download button. When you unzip the downloaded file, it contains dozens of files, but we only need one. Drill down into the folder jquery-ui-1.10.3/ui/minified/ to find a fresh version of jquery’s User Interface file. The ‘minified’ means all the extra spaces have been removed from the text in the file to reduce loading time on your website. (Future humanoids: the number may change as newer versions of jquery ui are released, but the location should be the same).

    In that folder is jquery.ui.min.js — upload that to the /wp-content/plugins/people-lists/js/ folder on your website and the people list plugin works fine after that. Be sure to check the functionality of any other plugins on your website that might use the jquery UI functions to ensure they’re working normally.

    For the techno-weenies, it looks like jquery changed the way they deal with drag-n-drop and some other features, breaking them out into separate functions. The old version of the jquery.ui file doesn’t include the necessary code for it to work with the version of jquery included with WP 3.6.1. Jquery.min.js is called by people-lists.php on about line 334 (the line the poster above suggested removing).This fixes the actual problem.

    neXorianus, if you’re thinking about taking this over, you could just bundle an update with the latest version of the jquery.ui.

    Hope this helps.

    Brandon Kraft


    Happiness Engineer

    The fix mentioned earlier (removing the calls to enqueue jquery-ui by the plugin) works and better long-term, since it relies on the version of jquery-ui shipped with WordPress core.

    If you download and use another version of jquery-ui, it would potentially run into the same problem the next time WP core upgrades to a newer version of the code.

    I didn’t see jquery.ui loading anywhere else in WP, that’s the only reason I did my fix above.

    Brandon Kraft


    Happiness Engineer

    It is labeled as jquery-ui-core to be clear between it and the various plugins:

    Found in the /wp-includes/js/jquery/ui folder.

    Just by removing the attempt by the plugin to load the outdated jquery-ui will resolve the conflict.

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