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    Hi there; I’m running the latest version of both this plugin and WordPress. We have some people who were auto-subscribed when they signed up for a website account (“Registered Users”) who don’t want to receive our post notifications anymore.

    When we attempt to unsubscribe them by searching for their email address, and then using the Bulk Management area to select all the categories, click the Unsubscribe radio button and then click Bulk Update Categories, we get the message that the user has been unsubscribed, but the person continues to receive the emails.

    Is there a way to delete their email address entirely from the Subscribe2 system? They want to be removed from receiving mail about all categories anyway, and some of them are quite irate that we keep mailing them.

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  • I dug into the WP database itself for a bit more information. Anyone listed in the Subscribe2 table in the database could be successfully removed using the Unsubscribe options provided by the Subscribe2 admin interface.

    We seem to only be having problems with people who are Registered Subscribers, meaning that they are listed in the wp_users table and not the Subscribe2 table. Hopefully this helps narrow down the source of the issue.

    It looks as though I was just able to unsubscribe a registered user by not only following the steps I described above, but ALSO clicking all the checkboxes under “Do not send notifications for post made by these authors”.

    Is there supposed to be an easier way to unsub a registered user? Thanks.


    You are not quite using the plugin correctly in order to unsubscribe these users.

    Go to Subscribe2->Subscribers and then to the Registered Subscribers tab, search for the users email address. Just below their name there should be the word ‘edit’, click in that and then unsubscribe them in the next screen which will display their current subscription settings.

    Thanks; we had been trying this method as well and the users had been reporting that they were still getting mail. We’ll keep an eye on this for a while and see if it persists.


    The other option is to delete that user from within WordPress as Users->All Users then, if they are not in the system at all they can’t be getting emails from you (unless there are duplicate accounts)

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