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    I was searching for some of my content on Google and really, people are copying me and their site (created a few weeks ago) are showing up first because my Google options or whatever are most likely messed up. Not funny.

    I’m currently using All in One SEO Pack (enabled, yeah) with canonical URLs, rewrite titles, autogenerate descr, and non-index options marked, everything else is not marked. Also using Google XML Sitemap:, and here is my robots.txt.

    So here are some things that hopefully someone will be able to help me:

    1- Google Webmasters have my sitemap and received 29 links, but it indexed only 13 links. No errors reported.

    2- I always use descriptions under the SEO box, but Google is using my site description instead, see.

    3- Sometimes (most of times) Google will show the article on my site homepage, not on it’s actual link, see (fourth result here).

    And maybe if someone cares enough, my Google Custom Bar is COMPLETELY useless, the poor thing can’t find a damn thing.

    And laugh with me now: Google actually list the clone post (remember, this website was created a FEW weeks ago) while Google is still not listing my page, the original. LOL

    It may seem I care about what they are doing, but the thing here as you all can see it’s my problem with how Google is indexing, or should I say not indexing my content.

    Seriously, I need some help… :/

    Thanks in advance.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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