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    I followed the instructions on how to set up the webhook for Stripe credit card payments but the donations are still not coming through. They keep getting marked as pending and the donors aren’t getting emails that they donated. I don’t know exactly where I went wrong.

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  • Plugin Support Ben Meredith


    Other things that can prevent the webhook from making contact with the site are firewalls as well as caching plugins. When you view the logs at Donations > Tools > Logs > Stripe do you see any webhooks received?

    Also, which version of the Stripe Gateway are you using? Checkout, or cards on Page?

    Finally, make sure that ALL events are being sent over the webhook from Stripe, and that if you are using GiveWP in test mode, you’ve also configured the webhooks on the test data side of Stripe. (toggle in the bottom left corner of the dash)

    Let me know if that resolves things.

    All the logs say is Stripe Payment Intent Error. But it also says that the Webhook was received. Also on the Stripe page, it says that it received the webhooks and that they succeeded. I think i’m using cards on page. Here’s the link to the page with the form on it I have it set as all events are sent over and i’m not using GiveWP in test mode. All I know is that when someone tries to put a donation in through their credit card it just goes to a blank screen and doesn’t change from there.

    Plugin Support Ben Meredith


    Are the donations complete on Stripe’s side, or no?

    If no, then we’ll need to dig more here. If it’s completing on Stripe’s side, then the error has to be related to the webhooks. Stripe logs all events associated with complete payments, and you should be able to see if the webhook was sent/received from their side.

    We’re happy to keep digging here. Keep me posted.

    It says that there are no payments on Stripe’s side either even though it says that the webhook attempts succeeded.

    It is still not working and if this continues I’m going to have to use another plugin for donations. Do you know why this could still be happening?

    Plugin Support Ben Meredith


    Apologies for the slow turnaround here, @ejpt99

    Please check the payment error logs at Donations > Settings > Payment Gateways and see if there is any more information there as to why donations are failing. click on the eye icon beside a few of the log items for the full error message from Stripe.

    Usually when payments are not getting to Stripe, it either means that the site has been disconnected somehow or that something is not configured correctly.

    Another thing to try is switching to the “Stripe Checkout” gateway to see if donations go through that way.

    One other step is to navigate to Donations > Settings > Advanced and change the Script loading location.

    Also, a few more questions:

    1. Are the donors attempting and failing to make donations ones who have given before?
    2. Are these one-time or recurring donations? (if you are using our Recurring Donations add-on and have an active license please submit a priority support ticket at
    3. Have donations ever gone through, or not?

    Either way, we definitely want to get this resolved with you. Keep me posted.

    So checkout does work which is good though it did not send a receipt email to the donor. But the regular credit card is still not working, unfortunately. 1. They are not previous donors. 2. They are one time donations. 3. Only the ones on paypal have ever gone through and with checkout though the donor did not receive an email notice from that.

    Actually the receipt got sent but was sent to peoples’ spam folder. Is there any way to fix that as well?

    Well, now it’s working? It wasn’t working five minutes ago but now it is! I guess all that’s left is why the receipt is going to the spam folder?

    Plugin Support Ben Meredith


    Email troubles are often hard to diagnose, so we wrote this article to try and help:

    The short version is that it’s complicated.

    Most of our users who walk through those steps are able to resolve email issues. ​

    I’d recommend following all the steps there to see if it resolves things. Specifically the step of adding a plugin to handle email sending is helpful.

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