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    Thank you for great plugin. I need some help that is suppose when any user register and pay via Paypal and If pay payment then it is ok

    But suppose if payment failed, and try to logged in, it redirect to paypal dashboard. It is possible ?

    So inshort if user not pay payment or failed payment and register, user will stored currently. but after sometime when user try to logged in, I need to give link that is You payment is pending, please first pay then you can logged in and give that link to paypal dashboard

    so it is possible ?

    Please help me

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  • Plugin Author Georgian Cocora


    Hello @vicky0007,

    There is no option for this redirect to happen automatically at this time.

    When a user logs in and he didn’t pay correctly, if he goes to the page with the [pms-account] shortcode he will be able to retry the payment.
    With the next release we’re looking to add a shortcode which lets you generate a message with a link to the retry payment page (or other subscription actions). This could be inserted anywhere shortcodes are accepted.

    For now, I would recommend you to add a redirect to the [pms-account] shortcode after login to help them find the URL.


    Hi Thank you for reply

    Now my question is, When user register for subscription plan and suppose it register and payment failed then user stored in wordpress backend user list. if we do like when user register and then pay payment then after user store in wordrpress backend user list else not. So it is possible ?

    Insort if user pay via paypal and after click on return to merchant from paypal dashboard then user information stored in wordpres else not.

    So please guide me how it is possible

    I have found that in paid-member-subscriptions–>includes–>class-form-handler.php file

    So please help me..

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    Plugin Author Georgian Cocora


    Hello @vicky0007,

    Our plugin creates the user account before the payment is confirmed. If you restrict your content based on subscription plans and not the logged in status of the user, such users, which get a Pending subscription, will not be able to access your content.

    We don’t have an option for this behavior, it’s just how our plugin is designed.


    Yes I know but i have found one function in class-form-handler.php file name is

    public static function register_user( $user_data = array() ) {

    In this function suppose we have add condition in…

    if( empty( $user_data ))

    Or in

    if( is_wp_error( $user_id ) )

    Here we can add Stutus like active or pending ?

    If active then user information stored else not..

    It is possible ?

    I have found status in backend configuration located at Paid Member Subscriptions –> Members (hover to subscription to member)

    Please check screenshot : https://prnt.sc/n30z8n

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    Hi just tell me from where payment redirection come ?

    I mean after pay via paypal and return to my site url, please give me file name and code line number so i will do myself

    Thank you

    Plugin Author Georgian Cocora


    Hello @vicky0007,

    You can use a filter if you’re interested in modifying that URL:
    apply_filters( 'pms_get_redirect_url', $url, $location );

    This is located in `paid-member-subscriptions/includes/class-form-handler.php around line 937, function is get_redirect_url().

    As I said in my email, we do can’t help you achieve what you’re looking for.


    Thank you for feedback, but I have already fixed it 🙂

    I’m a noob at this but, I don’t want to show in my directory listing those users in pending status (those users that for some reason couldn’t complete the payment). Seems unfair for those that are listed because they paid properly that other people are listed without payment.

    Is there a way to filter out those users from my directory listing?

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    Plugin Author Gabriel Berzescu


    Hello @bruceluis

    Do you have a directory listing of your users? What tool are you using for that?

    With the best of regards,

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