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  • Hi,
    I installed Kashflow for woocommerce yesterday. It pulls through the orders however it is pulling through everything and sometimes several times. It should only pull through orders that are valid processing orders but its also pulling pending and cancelled ones. How do I make it only take the processing ones. It happens a lot that people pull out of the purchase on the checkout page or their credit card doesnt get accepted so then we get a pending purchase. If you could tell me how to set it up so it doesnt pull pending or cancelled orders through I would appreciate it.

    jake Bullough

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    This would depend on your payment method.

    When Woocommerce calls ‘checkout_order_processed’ action – the kashflow plugin will check to see if the customer exists (using their email address) if it doesn’t a new user is created in kashflow. The quote/invoice is then generated based on your selection.

    Then when Woocommerce received the ‘payment complete’ action and the order method isn’t a quote it will then take payment.

    Would you like us to include an option that doesn’t process the order in kashflow until you have taken payment?

    Sorry for the slow response, We don’t always see/get the notification 🙁



    Hi Steve. thanks so much for your reply. We had almost given up hope.
    Ok so Ill try and explain what would be perfect for us and you can see if its possible.

    Firstly the most important thing is that we dont see any of the pending/cancelled orders in kashflow. So if you can make it only pull through the details of the ‘processing’ (having taken payment) orders that would be fantastic.

    Secondly we have to manually change a few things in kashflow and I wonder could we change them in the plugin once so it comes correct every time.
    The first is the ITEM section. The Sales Type field is set to appear as Credit Charges, is it possible to set it to appear as Sale of Goods.
    The second is in the SHIPPING section. The Sales Type field is set to appear as Credit Charges and we need it to say Customers Postage.

    Please let me know if you need access to my account in order to do the changes.

    Many thanks for your time.


    Plugin Author swicks



    I have pushed up a test version that will only run on WooCommerce 2.1 or greater – sorry focus now is on getting this plugin working with the current version.

    Current development version

    This has an additional option within ‘order method’ to select only completed orders. Only once payment has been taken will the customer details (if new customer) and order details appear in kashflow.

    If you go into woocommerce->settings and select the kashflow tab (new in this version as woocommerce have commandeered ‘Accounts’ 🙂 )

    Adding ‘Sales Types’ should be straight forward – I’ve attached a basic guide to add a type to kashflow and implement in this plugin.

    Setting Sales Type for KashFlow & Woocommerce



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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