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    Hi, it appears that after updating to version 1.7.6 the plugin no longer sends the customer “pending” emails. Once the booking is confirmed the customer receives a “confirmed” email just fine.

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  • Hi @entertheraptor,

    There were no changes made to the email sending process of the plugin for a long time — at least as far back as version 1.7.

    There are many things that can effect email delivery, even things which might effect just one of the emails rather than all of them. The best thing to do is to take the date and time of an email that should have been sent to your web host. Ask them to check their email logs to see if an email was sent. If it wasn’t, they should be able to inspect the logs to see why it was rejected. If it was sent, they may be able to check logs to see why it was rejected by the recipient server.


    also to me.
    Cannot send mail.

    Hi @natewr

    Thanks for getting back. I took your advice and according to my hosting co the emails are being sent and (more interestingly) accepted at the other end and yet when I test the system using an iCloud email addy for the customer they receive the confirmed email but not the pending email. Odd but at least we have established that the problem isn’t with the plugin so thanks for your help.

    Hi @entertheraptor,

    Thanks for reporting back. A couple things to check:

    1. Change the content of the pending email, removing any links or other things, to see if that effects delivery. Some email providers will scan email content to try and guess if it “looks spammy”.

    2. Sometimes, when a recipient email server rejects an email, it will return a message to the sending server describing why it was rejected. If this is happening, your web host may be able to check the logs to retrieve these rejection messages for you, which will have more information.

    Hi NateWr,

    I’m glad to tell you that I solved using the Postman SMTP plugin !


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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