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    I am trying out the pen theme and have been trying to use Page builder site origin as I usually do for putting together the site structure and content.
    Are these two packages incompatible?

    When I go to work on a page I am initially offered the text version of the page rather than the site origin page builder option which I have already setup.
    I can see the page builder tab. When I click on this I am then asked “Would you like to copy this editor’s existing content to Page Builder?”. This occurs after every edit and update and is very frustrating.

    Anyone else having any experience of this at all?

    Many thanks for any helpful insights.

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    Hi there,

    Does it only happen with this theme?

    What you are describing is I think that your pages were created before the plugin was installed? If so, I think it makes sense to ask you whether you want to “convert” the page to use the SiteOrigin Page Builder, but it should not happen after saving or updating the content, might be a bug that you should report to the developers of that page builder plugin.

    There is also an option here: Settings → Page Builder, that says “Default To Page Builder Interface”, you may need to enable that.

    I assume you are using the Classic Editor? With Gutenberg, the SiteOrigin Page Builder is a “block” itself, always displaying, no “tab” to switch back and forth, so if none of that helped, maybe you should disable the Classic Editor and use Gutenberg, maybe its developers are focusing their tests on that anyway.

    One more thing, in case you don’t know, the “Add New” button on the Posts page (and the one for the Pages), has a little button with an arrow. Through that, you can choose whether to create the new Post or Page using the SiteOrigin Page Builder or not, in case of using the Classic Editor.

    Hope it helps!

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    Many thanks for your response. Much appreciated.

    The pages were created after installing firstly the theme and then site origin plugin. I have tried it with the basic themes installed and the site origin loads as it should as the default. So it would appear to be the Pen theme itself.

    I am using the classic editor as I am not too keen on Gutenberg for now. I maybe should give it some more time to see where any benefits lie in using it.I did find it a big laggy and even clumsy at times which slowed my progress which is why I reverted to the classic editor for all the sites I work on.

    I am not seeing the little arrow you speak of on the ‘Add new’ for Posts or Pages. Thats a bit odd as well.Is this in the admin panel?

    Thanks for now. I shall plod on and progress things within the current setup and see where I get to.

    Thank you for your insight.

    Theme Author htmlpie


    You’re welcome!

    Just to make sure: do you have the latest versions of the page builder plugin and the Pen theme?

    As for the arrow, click the “Posts” or “Pages” in the left menu. On the page where you’d see the list of the content, there is a “Add New” button next to the heading, that button has a smaller button attached to it with the arrow icon.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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