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  • Hey guys,

    Just finished y wordpress website. Or so I think, can anyone spot any errors? Have used big bits of the twentyeleven template.

    Here is the link to my site

    Appreciatie you input..



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    Why do your content areas have scrollbars?

    Because the content will vary, but the div wil stay the same. The client did not want big empty spaces or that the visitors have to scroll a long way down. So now the site is one size and depending on the page the content is scrollable. Have discussed this a couple of times with the client, and eventually we chose this method…

    Are there any alternate ways to achieve the same goal? Thanks,


    Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    You could make the background white, so if there is space, it’ll be less apparent.

    I would take the rounded edges off of the dropdown. Also, the text shadow on the headers in the footer is just too much. I would go with a much less blur radius.

    I think you are on a good track!

    Ok yeah I had tried that, but without the rounded edges it just did not fit with the rest of the style. I could make the backgr white, but I would still have to scroll down, The screenshot has no scrollbars, whilst if I do make the background white I would still have the scrollbars.
    This way the white fields I feel the white div’s call the attention of the visitors.

    Some people prefer the white back and think of it as having a more professional look. I do not agree, for me it depends on the overall picture. Not that I mean my website has a professional look, that’s why I’m asking your opinions 😉

    The blur radius I will be fixing emedialty, I see what you meen.. It almost make’s one blurred whole.

    Thanks for your input guys, I appreciate it


    Robert… Thanks!!

    I really like the scrolling header picture. I think that it really helps captivate your audience.

    Hey guys, I’m finally done with my internship. [Duplicated link removed] is my new result. A custom theme with great plug-ins. Thanks all for the help an reviews.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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