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  • nurulhaque


    I have recently upgraded WordPress from 2.6.3 to 2.6.5. For first few days, the site worked perfectly. However, for last few days, I am facing two issues:

    1. In the admin panel, the comments do not always load. It shows that I have comments pending, but when I click on the link…I an shown a message “No results”.

    Moreover, categories are acting wierd in the sense that when I go to <<Manage-Categories>>, the existing categories do not show up. Even, while writing a new post, the section to choose categories is blank.

    I have “Statpress” plugin installed to check the visitors. Till 2 days ago, it was showing me the numbers fine. But since 2 days, it has suddenly gone blank. I check the error log in wp-admin and found a lot of error like this:

    WordPress database error MySQL server has gone away for query SELECT count( feed) as rks FROM wp_statpress WHERE 1=1 AND feed<>”;

    I also see similar errors related to comments. Further, approved comments have stopped showing in the posts itself.

    2. The second problem is with the categories in the site. I use a magazine theme, in which I show the post excerpt for each category in the home page. Since the start of the problem, all these sections are blank with an error message “Not post found in this category”.

    To add to this, when I click on the categories in the website, i receive a blank screen in Firefox and HTTP 500 in IE. Fortunately the individual posts and pages seem to work properly. But, the “Latest Posts” section from the sidebar has also vanished.

    I have checked with my hosting provider and have been assured that it is not a server issue. I checked the databases using myPhpAdmin and found all the categories in there. So they are not missing. Just not showing up in teh admin panel and with the permalinks also.

    The above is a long list of issues that I facing…and after trying to figure what can be problem, now I am completely clueless.

    Is this an issue with 2.6.5, coz I never faced this with 2.6.3? Any advice and a resolution with be really helpful. I get 60% traffic from search engines and they see the posts directly. Thats still good. But the rest is worrying me as almost 35% is direct traffic. If they keep on seeing blank homepage and category pages for long, I fear , i will lose them.

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  • nurulhaque


    Hi All,

    I really need some help here…This issue is driving me crazy and I am unable to find any solution. I tried changing the theme also, however, it didnt solve the problem.

    Moreover, I dont think it is an issue with the theme as the Admin dashboard is also not showing up properly (e.g comments).

    I really like using WP over the others…but this issue is now getting frustrating and depressing. I have seen a drop in visitors in last 4 days since the error.

    Please somebody give me some direction here.

    I don’t really recommend Sats Plugin like StatsPress that are server side, you could start using WP Stats or Google Analytics for example.
    Try uploading and overwriting your installation files with WordPress 2.6.5 files again, it happened to me one time that there have been a couple of files being left out.



    Hi Kevin,

    I can surely de-activate Statpress…Thats not as important as the site itself.

    About the topic of installing the files again, I used cPanel the first time. Now, if I have to re-upload and re-install the files…which ones do I do?

    Is there a danger of losing my data while re-installing? One more issue that I have recently seen is that the WP XML export is not complete. It only exports a few categories and tags, not the content.

    An advice will be appreciated.

    You are using CPANEL, right and have a file manager attached to it?

    Simply upload the latest version of WordPress via FileManager and over write your present installation (do not delete anything of the present installation) with the newly uploaded files, that should work.




    Thanks for your advice so far…Just one more thing…shall i overwrite all the files with the new ones. Which means, that I overwrite WP-Admin, WP-Includes and WP-Content along with the othet PHP files.

    In an event, when I upload the new files overwriting the old ones, Will i lose the data, esp the one store in WP-content? Will the login credentials remain the same?

    And what about the database, will replacing the files have any affect on that?

    Sorry for asking some naive questions. I hvn’t manually upgraded WP ever. Last time I used the Automatic Upgrade Plugin, which seemed to work fine.

    It won’t have any affect with that (db and wp-content likewise) =D
    Try to manually upgrade for now



    It seems that my problems continue…:(

    I manually upgraded WP now. Followed exactly how its is written in the WP Upgrade guide. Have the new wp-admin, wp-includes and other wp-* (except wp-config.php) files. But somehow the issue is still there.

    I have deactivated all the plugins…but no relief.

    The comments do not show up in the dashboard and in the site.

    Categories do not show up in the dashboard and the Category pages return an HTTP 500 error.

    WP…Whats happening here?…This is supposed to be the best blogging platform.

    Sorry for that…but I am really really frustrated now.

    Try this plugin to clean up the database of junk options (this won’t harm your posts in anyway)



    Kevin, Thanks for that. I will try this plugin and see if it helps.

    Today I noticed something that is strange to me. I loaded a different theme and everything seems to work in that. The category pages work fine and the admin dashboard also shows everything.

    Two questions:

    1. I can still understand about the category pages, that codes in the theme files were not able to query properly (which is strange, since I have been using it for a long time, without error). But how can changing the them, affect the Admin dashboard. The same categories that I created using the Admin panel do not show with this theme but show with others.

    2. How can a theme suddenly start acting wierd? All the customization that I did were a few months ago, whereas the problem is recent (after upgrade). All these months it was acting perfectly OK. The other big problem is that I just cannot switch to some other theme. The layout of the entire site is based on this template. But even if that is required and its actually the theme, I will have to change it.

    But the big question is, can a theme actually interfere with how WP works at the backend…how does the admin get affected with that?

    You can rename your theme file in your WP Content folder so that it will revert back to the default theme and see if you still have any problems with that. If there are no more problems, then it could be because of the theme?

    I had some problems with my theme messing up too, causing a couple of errors every time I saved something or so.

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