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  • Hi there,
    For the past few months, I have an issue with my PayPal & WoocCommerce connection.
    After payment, sometimes, PayPal can’t deliver the message that the payment was completed successfully.
    This is due to an ERROR 500 as it states in the IPN History page in PayPal.
    I have contacted PayPal as well as my hosting provider (Cloudways). PayPal said I should work it out with the provider, the provider said they don’t see any error or issue on their side.
    Any insights as to what the problem could be?
    We have “curl”ed the address, and it does give a 500 error. Cloudflare and other caching plugins have been paused while testing.

    Screenshot of the message:


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    I will add that we are using PDT only, not IPN for the messages PayPal

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    Hi @dk9!

    This is a pretty generic error and doesn’t provide much information in regard to the actual issue or where it is coming from.

    Have you checked the fatal-error logs in WooCommerce > Status > Logs page, to see if there’s any logged date there that could help trace the issue?

    In my experience, this could also be a conflict from another plugin (such as caching or security plugins), and in which case you would need to work through a full conflict test and then try and replicate the issue in that mode. You can read more about how to conflict test here:

    The only tricky bit here is that it sounds like the issue is intermittent and doesn’t happen all the time, correct?


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    Hi there, thanks for your response.
    I can see the logs but I have no idea how to read them.
    Anyway, I think these logs only showing the notification *to* PayPal.
    The issue is that PayPal has difficulties communicating back to WooCommerce.
    One question, when accessing the address from a browser with a CURL command, what should the page show?
    At the moment, when going through a browser I’m getting a WordPress page saying: “PayPal IPN Request Failure”. Inspecting the page shows a 500 ERROR.
    When CURLing it, also we get a 500 ERROR.
    Does that change anything?

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    Ok, I have done some testing.
    I used the SSH of my server to CURL this address.
    I have disabled all the plugins and changed the theme.
    The 500 error was gone, but as soon as I have activated the WooCommerce plugin again, the 500 error was back.
    I also paused Cloudflare or any other caching layer.
    So it’s something with WooCommerce that goes wrong. Any idea what can it be?

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