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    Installing PDO with sqlite, I got the following error message when I attempted to create the blog. It then listed success, but when I attempt to log in with the generated username and password sends me to the install page 1. Any idea what is wrong?

    installing the database
    <?php /** * WordPress Administration Scheme API * * Here we keep the DB structure and option values. * * @package WordPress * @subpackage Administration */ /** * The database character collate. * @var string * @global string * @name $charset_collate */ $charset_collate = ”; // Declare these as global in case schema.php is included from a function. global $wpdb, $

    ; CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS wp_usermeta (
    user_id integer NOT NULL default ‘0’,
    meta_key text default NULL,
    meta_value text ); CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS user_id_38 on wp_usermeta (user_id); CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS meta_key_50 on wp_usermeta (meta_key)
    ; CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS modTimes (modFile text not null primary key, modTime text not null default ‘0000-00-00 00:00:00’)
    No recipient addresses found in header

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