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  • Hello!

    I really hope someone can help me, as I am running out of things to troubleshoot. I am not a wordpress expert and recently started trying to support a wordpress 2.5 site. It was having the image upload\flash 10 problem. I ‘fixed’ this by using the no flash plugin, editing commas out of 2 files, and creating a .htaccess file in root and ../wp-admin/

    I get a ‘Specified file failed upload test.’ message, but images are uploaded into the gallery and processed fine, while pdfs are uploaded but no thumbnails are created. For this site the automatic generation of thumbnails and links from PDFs is very preferred. I havent got enough experience with wordpress 2.5’s flash uploader to know what is different with the browser uploader.

    I am starting to get into this thing having taken 8 or 10 hours and still not worked.

    Please, if anyone knows anything about wordpress 2.5 and the method it uses to create thumbnails and links, please tell me anything you can!

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  • rjguyser,
    From what I know, the WordPress uploader only creates thumbnails from image formats (jpg, gif, png, etc.) but not from other files types (doc, rtf, pdf, etc.)
    In fact, I found your question because I’m trying to find a solution to this. So, if you ever find a answer, please share! 🙂

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