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  • I’m just wondering if anyone could direct me to a good PDF slider plugin. I’ve tried several of the PDF flipbook plugins, but they don’t really work quite right for what I’m wanting. I’ve also looked at a few of the slider plugins, but none* of them support a straight PDF file.

    Essentially, I’m just looking for a PDF viewer that will scroll horizontally, which one would think would be something readily available. Every PDF or Google viewer that I’ve tried is vertical scrolling only. I’ve figured that the only option I really have now is a slider, but aside from Soliloquy Pro*, I haven’t been able to find one that I can just add a PDF file to. I can try exporting the pages of the PDF document as an image and creating a slider that way, however, all of the selectable text from the PDF gets flattened.

    Any suggestions?


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    Hmmm. Not sure if you fully read my post. I’ve been through all of them. Again, the only one that supports turning a PDF file into a slider is Soliloquy Pro that I’ve been able to find. Hopefully, maybe someone has another suggestion for a specific plugin that they’ve personally used and can recommend. Preferably, just a PDF viewer that will scroll horizontally.

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