• Hello. PDF files published since the update to 2.3 are not showing in tablets (tried Safari on iOS and Firefox on FireOS).

    All PDF files load fine in phones and desktops.
    Previously published files load fine in tablets.

    Curiously, newer PDF files load with a light-themed viewer, while old files load with a dark-themed viewer. The light-themed viewer disables zooming with your fingers in phones (you have to use + and – to zoom).

    Tried rolling back the plugin but can’t find previous versions.

    Any help would be appreciated. Really puzzled…

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    In your WordPress dashboard, click the left menu Wonder PDF Embed, check the option “Use Mozilla PDF.js version 2.0.493 (dark theme toolbar)”, it will work the exactly same as the previous version.

    For the issue, I think it’s related to cache. You can clear caches of your web browser, if your web server or CDN has a cache scheme, or your WordPress has a cache plugin installed, you also need to flush the caches.

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    Thank you for answering.

    I’m not seeing that menu and /wp-admin/admin.php?page=wonderplugin_pdf_overview loads an empty page.

    User is admin and no permissions seem to be restricted.

    CDN, WordPress and browser caches were cleared.

    Any ideas?

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    Never mind. A third-party plugin was hiding the menu item with CSS.

    Now we’re figuring out how it is also stopping the Wonder PDF Embed configuration page from working.

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    All fixed. Checking the option “Use Mozilla PDF.js version 2.0.493 (dark theme toolbar)” worked fine.

    Two related questions @wonderplugin:

    1. How come the default PDF viewer has that strange behaviour in tablets? Could you find the answer? (The problem was definitely not related to cache)

    2. Have you considered not adding the viewer settings to the URL of each PDF? Currently, settings changes do not reflect on a previously loaded PDF. We had to manually change the URL of each PDF loaded while the new viewer was set as default, so as they could use the Mozilla viewer instead.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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