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  • ciscovj


    I have the same problem with Chrome and pdf’s

    Another suggestion: Is it possible to open view files in another window (target=”_blank”)? It would be very useful.


    Plugin Author Vincent Mimoun-Prat


    I’ll have a look. However, I am on holliday so it might take some time.

    Same problem here actually. Every other browser is fine but the view link in Chrome just results in a loading screen.

    Ciscovj: I’ve just done the target=”blank” on my website. Just find the relevant template (for me it was private-file-customer_area_user_file_item.template.php), copy it to your theme folder as per instructions and add target=”blank” into the relevant link.

    Unfortunatly, Chrome’s internal reader seems to have problems with PDF files. I don’t really know what could be causing that on the plugin side, but it seems also that you could fix it by properly configuring the web server (Apache).

    I would simply recommend to remove the view link from the templates and only leave the download link. You can do so by copying the .template.php files from the core-addons/private-files/templates folder to a subfolder of your theme (my-theme/customer-area/templates).

    Some links to bug reports:

    Multiple Users on same version of Chrome (Version 35.0.1916.153 m) with Chrome PDF Viewer enabled report different outcomes for same PDF from same sites. Example:

    User 1: Can open all 10 Case Study PDF’s in browser
    User 2: Cannot open first seven PDF’s (which are links to an external WordPress site – They hang with the ‘loading’ message noted in first post in this thread. Can view last 3 that are internal to the site.

    This is not a difference in the PDF’s themselves. Saving a PDF from rethinkwood and then uploading and calling it directly from woodworks, user 2 sees the same hanging loading message.

    Same issue going directly to woodworks site. Example PDF:

    User 1 can view inline by clicking title
    User 2 gets hanging message

    So, I think this is actually a wordpress issue in some way.

    Plugin Author Vincent Mimoun-Prat


    This would confirm the theory of the server configuration problem. See above links.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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