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  • I haven’t heard of any PDA blogging clients, but if there is one, and it supports the meta weblog or the movable type api, it will work with wordpress.

    Pocket SharpMT is an offline Moveable Type blogging tool. It sounds like it might work, but I haven’t been able to check it out yet. I would love to hear if someone gets it to work.

    Pocket SharpMT works great with WordPress! I just downloaded it and tried it a few minutes ago. Only one change was required. Since my wordpress blog is in a /wp folder off my website root folder, the CGI-BIN path it asks for should be /wp/xmlrpc.php.

    You can see my first post from my PDA with this tool at:

    Anyone know if there’s a similar program available for Palm or for Java-powered cell phones?

    Any good Palm OS clients?

    I’ll be honest – I haven’t found a single blog client for my Palm Zire 72 or Ericsson T610 that works 🙁 They either timeout or give errors, and I’ve tried 7 or 8 between the two.

    For now, I can’t write blog entries from my phone or PDA, I can just email moblog pics with captions from them.

    Help! help!
    My “xmlrpc.php” file is located in the “htdocs” folder. When I type this location into the CGI-BIN field of SharpMT I get an error message (Please verify that your CGI-BIN path is correct). I’m running WordPress v1.5 and SharpMT v 2.6.2 What am I doing wrong?
    SharpMT use to work great with MT

    My XMLRPC file is sitting at (i.e in the server in public_html/wordpress/)

    Your’s should be under the directory where you installed WordPress – what’s the URL of your site?

    My URL is
    Also, when I log-on to my server, I only see 2 folders. 1st. folders is named cgi-bin, and it’s empty. The 2nd folder is called “htdocs”, and it contains everything including the xmlrpc.php file.

    Guess what? I was able to login to my “wp-login.php” page on the internet directly from my Pocket PC. I logged in, and created a post with out SharpMT…….Wow! WordPress ROCKS!!!!!
    So I guess I’ll just bookmark the wp-login.php page on my Pocket PC, and go with that.
    I would still like to get the SharpMT app working!!!


    The URL For the XMLRPC thingie is on your site – follow the link and you will get some text saying:

    “XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.”

    Which means it’s up and running. What was the URL that you entered into SharpMT?

    Yup, I can login to my page directly through the net connection on my phone by using the Palm’s web browser – but with bandwidth being so expensive on cell phones, it would really be much, much better (and cheaper) to find a client that only connects long enough to upload a post or download one for editing.

    You could try Vagablog for Palm. HBlogger also looks good

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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