• We have decided on Sandwich as our main content layout builder!
    It’s non-bloated, has a nice ui, features frontend editing, with a minimal assets build (with some documentation) and functionality is optimized for both advanced editors as well as wordpress newbies. It suits my clients way of creating and updating content, adding simple re-usable components to landing pages, mixing it up with ACF and other theme-based components (using shortcodes).

    All in all, its fast in terms of loading times, only adds a dozen or so queries (measured with query manager) and styles and scripts are none-obtrusive, so it matches any default styling you’d tipically have in a premium or home built theme.

    Pagebuilders are potentially a bottleneck in terms of loading times and optimization of assets and functionality, where as Page Builder Sandwich by default only adds one script and style to your visitors frontend.

    Feedback from support is quick, friendly and sometimes very helpful indeed. I’m hoping to resolve some issues yet with my theme asset naming and architecture, but all of all, the review is a strong 4/5 only because there’s no developer community yet and documentation on plugin makers site is intended for simple user cases.
    Thanks for this, we’re using the premium version with latest WordPress version with Woocommerce and Components starter theme.

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  • Plugin Author Benjamin Intal


    Hey Pablo,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    I agree that the developer aspect needs to be addressed. In fact, last week we’ve started filling up our dev docs: http://docs.pagebuildersandwich.com/collection/79-developer-docs

    It’s nowhere close to being done, but as we roll along the updates, we’re providing more and more PHP/JS hooks/functions available to developers. So far we have 25 or so functions/hooks enumerated there, but expect this to grow.

    We’re targeting the end of July to expose an API – for adding buttons or opening up your own instance of the editor for editing anything.

    We’ll announce in our newsletter the dev docs when we have enough entries in there.

    If you bump up your 4-star to add an additional star, that will get us pumped up to churn things faster 🙂

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