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  • Hi
    So here’s the blog I’m working on :
    I don’t know if there is an incompability with my theme but it’s not working
    I’m running the last version of the plugin, I would like a static front page

    The problem is strange :
    at this adress :, the adress bar will
    – sometimes moove automatically to and the browser will display correctly the homepage
    But if you click on “francais” on the right, you go to this adress : and here everything in a mess, and the homepage slider doesn’t display
    – or the contrary : you can arrive directly in french, it’s a mess

    In the french mess, if you’re lucky enough you’ll find, behind the “MI” of “MINIMUM”, the home button, that will this time leads you to :
    who just doesn’t exist…
    By chance other pages work, but maybe because they’re mostly in english…
    So I don’t know, I’m quite desperate

    NB : I wanted to change my settings, but some of them are grey, can’t change anything…
    FOr example, in the URL modifications :
    it is already set on :
    – The language is set from content. Posts, pages, categories and tags urls are not modified.
    And I can’t change it to :
    – The language code, for example /en/, is added to all urls when using pretty permalinks.

    What should I do? Renouncing to such a great plugin?

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  • So I may have be too long or to confused :

    here is a simpler explation :
    in my reading settings, I chose to display the front page “home”
    This page has exactly the same content in french and in english
    in english : ?page_id=5
    in french : ?page_id=3591
    The english home is fine, the french one is a mess and when I click on home I go here :

    But contrarily to what I said before, it displays correctly the slider, even if we can’t really see it…

    NB : I deactivated all my plugins

    Oh, and thanks for your help

    Ok, So for the home page, I think I was tired, just needed to change the link 🙁 in the menu
    Ok I may be a bit dumb
    but …
    still remains the mess of the menu, all submenus items are displayed in big

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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