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  • saumin


    hi im just setting up my site and am new to site building….im using pb-embedFlash for my blog which has the JW player version 3.16 but i want to change it to ver. 4.+ …..mainly because it can use custom skins….can u tell me how to upgrade just the player so that it uses the new version of JW player….or how to change the skin of the existing player …thanks…

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  • pasber


    Mainly, you just need to replace the swf/mediaplayer.swf file with the new version.

    But for usage with the whole plugin, it’s not that easy because a lot of flashvars have been dropped and some are new. The new skinning and plugin features are not that easy to integrate – except you’re the same flashvar code on each [flash] tag. But people will ask for default values and maybe some admin panel options for loading multiple plugins easily or switching between skins.

    It would take some days of coding to fully implement the new player into pb-embedFlash – but I haven’t got that much time at the moment.

    Hi there, I found this thread whilst looking for a solution to the same thing, using skins with the JW Player.@pasber, I would like to support Saumin in saying this would be really usefull & if, when you have time, this could be implemented it would be fantastic! I use your great plugin for a customer site to do a fortnightly video journal, but after a recent design overhaul to the site, the player bar is not looking as good as it could.

    In the meantime, one thing that could really help me style the existing player more effectively, would be the ability to change the colour of the highlight that sits of the bg colour, which at the moment is set to white. If I want a darker player, it starts to contrast badly with the white overlay. Is there any way to change this?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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