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    Money in Paysera is not insured. They block account with thousands of euros and nobody knows, where is, and how you can get back your money. Probably they going to be bancrupted. Choose regular bank, it safer.

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    we would like to note that Paysera’s activities are carried out taking into account legal regulation in the European Union and Lithuania. It is also the Bank of Lithuania that raises high demands on us regarding the provision of data on the activities carried out by its clients and the sources of funds.

    Each client expects their financial institution to ensure the security of their necessary and high-quality services and funds. It is to implement these aspects around the world that financial institutions apply the “Know Your Customer” principle. We are no exception. We provide information about the implementation of this principle here: https://www.paysera.lt/v2/en-LT/kyc-explanation .

    In rare cases, there may be blockages or request of documents, but they are never without reason. You can see more information about this here: https://www.paysera.lt/v2/en-LT/blog/why-is-account-restricted-blocked.

    The more expeditiously and accurately you answer all the questions we ask and provide the necessary documents and information – the faster we will be able to execute your transfer, remove restrictions from the account or simply grant you all rights to use Paysera services. Unfortunately, in cases where the customer is unable to provide the necessary documents, we cannot provide financial services to him/her.

    We strive to ensure smooth use of Paysera services, therefore, if you have any questions, we invite you to contact the customer service center, we provide contacts here: https://www.paysera.lt/v2/en-LT/contacts .

    Paysera Team

    PAYSERA is the worst company is the one that exists.
    It is not a bank, it has no security and no insurance.
    I was hacked and robbed of over $3000 and they can’t even block the card.
    On top of that, they ask me to pay 15 dollars per transaction to open an investigation. It’s unbelievable.
    They have no security, the thieves made 100 transactions in 2 minutes and the system didn’t even detect fraud or ask for confirmation of the payments.
    This is unheard of, I didn’t know it was possible to have this level of mediocrity in banking services.
    And on top of that they don’t take responsibility for anything afterwards.
    I’m not even talking about the customer service which is disrespectful and derogatory.
    I advise not to work with them, the managers of this company should not exist.

    This Company has a good Marketing to attract clients but makes it very difficult to operate as a merchant. The support replies with same answers and does not go the further step to try to understand the client and help further. Most of the times the client ends up more frustrated than satisfied. I even called them twice to close my account and received same answers. Be aware that they charge a monthly fee on each account you have, even if you have never used such account (basically because they do not supply all the info when u chat to them and you end up with same answer, that yous should read all terms, then why is support there? ) and cannot close it unless you settle that amount. I used their services once and after a lengthy due diligence process I got very disappointed with their service. Never again. If you want to have a good service please stay away from this company. Very misleading company and very disappointed. Please Paysera do not reply my message asking me to contact you back, you had multiple chances to help, you are just a scam.

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    Dear Client,

    We are sorry to hear about your experience. We would like to point out that every customer must read the terms of service when registering for an account, and only if the terms are accepted, complete the registration. You have been charged for Visa card administration and company account administration, information about these fees can be found here: https://www.paysera.lt/v2/en-LT/fees/payment-card-fees and https://www.paysera.lt/v2/en-LT/fees/account-management-and-identification-business . The rules and fees apply equally to all customers.

    After checking the information in the system, we can now see that you have already paid the debts, thank you. The responsible person also provided information related to the situation by email.

    Paysera Team

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