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    I’ve run into a problem over the weekend with Subscriptions and Paypal. If I try to check out a membership with a recurring subscription via Paypal with a subscription I am receiving the following error message:

    “This transaction cannot be processed. The country code in the shipping address must match the buyer’s country of residence.”

    I’ve checked the country code on both Paypal and Paid Memberships Pro and both are set to United Kingdom (GB).

    If I try to checkout a membership without a subscription this works fine. I’m currently testing in the Paypal Sandbox and need to get this working ASAP as we really need to get out memberships live by 1st October as that is the start of our new membership year. Has anyone else come across a similar problem? Do I need to set up a subscription on Paypal itself for it to match up to? Am completely baffled by this one as it was working fine up until Friday.

    Thanks for any help/ideas on how to resolve!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    Hi there. Sorry you’ve run into this issue.

    This is an odd one. By default, PMPro tells PayPal to not gather a shipping address, so I’m not sure how this error would come up.

    See our code here where we set the NOSHIPPING value to 1 when passing things to the API:

    I notice that you’ve added a few fields to the billing address area. Have you done other customizations to the site to change how PMPro interacts with PayPal. Knowing about those might help me to help you figure this out.

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    Does that error show up on your checkout page before going to PayPal? Or does it show up after coming back from PayPal?

    And yeah, if you let me know what add ons and customizations you are running, I can try to recreate this on my own to see what’s happening. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    Update here. I’ve been able to recreate this and am looking into it. I am still not sure why this issue started coming up recently. I will post here what I find and if/when there is a fix. Thanks for your patience.



    i got the same issue with @amytrecgb when testing the plug in. Weird thing is i saw a order detail ( of the failed payment attempt on checkout.

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    @strangerstudios thanks for the update – I thought I was going mad as it was working perfectly last week then over the weekend it wasn’t!

    Look forward to hearing from you



    I got the same problem since friday! I´m using PMPRO with paypal express addon on a sandbox as my site fortunately is not live yet. As you comment @amytrecgb it only gets the problem with subscriptions. One time payments are working ok.

    Robert Miller


    I’m having the exact same problem with a staging site using PayPal Express sandbox/testing with subscriptions only. One time payments work. I even tried deleting PMPro completely, along with all addons and customization and starting from scratch but nothing has worked.

    Thread Starter amytrecgb


    Has anyone noticed a problem with a live site using PayPal (I.e not the sandbox?) I haven’t tested that side yet as I was just doing final tests on staging before switching over to live PayPal when I came across the problem.



    I can confirm we are having the same issue.
    Since the merchant is not in the US or Canada, this is the only way to process subscriptions so I am very worried about this huge gap. We were suppose to go live in a week 🙁

    Jason please let us know of any possible alternatives!

    Thread Starter amytrecgb


    I’ve had a try with adding shipping address to my checkout this morning to see if that would make a difference but sadly not. Doe anyone use the WooCommerce Subscriptions and have any problems with Paypal? Trying to work out if this is a Paypal issue or something else?

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    I am still looking into this and trying to hear back from PayPal.

    As far as I know this is not happening on the live PayPal servers. Let me know if anyone is noticing that using live API credentials.

    My best guess is that something changed on the PayPal Sandbox which is trying to check the shipping country even though we aren’t setting one. When I figure something out, I will post here and push out an update with any fix needed.

    A rep from PayPal mentioned this:

    > I didn’t see any blocks on international payments or international shipping addresses in the sandbox account, which can also cause that error.

    So check your PayPal settings to make sure international shipping is not blocked.

    If anyone else gets information on this issue, I will be reading this thread, so please share it. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    That is good feedback that onetime payments are working. Some notes based on other comments in this thread:

    > Doe anyone use the WooCommerce Subscriptions and have any problems with Paypal?

    WooCommerce Subscriptions may not be having this problem. They don’t setup subscriptions on the PayPal side like we do. They manage the subscription in WP and trigger one time payments on their own every month/etc.

    Some other plugins that do create subscription may be running into this issue.

    > Weird thing is i saw a order detail ( of the failed payment attempt on checkout.

    This is normal when using PayPal Express with PMPro. We create an order in “token” status before you go to PayPal to pay. Then when you return from PayPal, we update the status to “review”. Then after you click to complete payment, the status is updated to “success”.

    @strangerstudios thanks for the updates! So I tried changing NOSHIPPING to 0 in setExpressCheckout in class.pmprogateway_paypalexpress and the recurring payment went through without error but in PayPal it shows a shipping address which is actually the billing address of the sandbox account. I am actually using the pmpro-shipping addon currently and it did preserve the shipping address I entered under the member in WP admin. I seriously wonder though if this applies to sandbox only. Obviously, PayPal has changed something on their end. I am hoping to try a live transaction later today. Also, I have double-checked that international shipping is not disabled and it made no difference.

    Hello, I was able to do a live recurring transaction/subscription (setting NOSHIPPING back to 1) and it totally worked without any problem, so it seems PayPal has done something on the sandbox side. Setting NOSHIPPING to 0 did allow me to do a bunch of testing in sandbox as a workaround, and then I reset NOSHIPPING back to 1 for the live transaction and it worked.

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