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    After recent Woocommerce update, Paypal transactions doesn’t include shipping costs.

    Same problem of
    and probably

    We have several orders with same problem.

    Here the screenshot of a order:

    11.74 EUR + VAT = 14.32 EUR
    Shipping 5.00 EUR + VAT = 6.10 EUR
    Total order 16.74 EUR + VAT = 20.42 EUR

    Paypal transaction was 15.42 EUR, exacly 5.00 EUR less (shipping costs without VAT)
    This is the Paypal log of this transaction:

    2017-08-14T13:33:16+00:00 INFO Received valid response from PayPal
    2017-08-14T13:33:16+00:00 INFO Found order #8100
    2017-08-14T13:33:16+00:00 INFO Payment status: completed
    2017-08-15T06:34:47+00:00 INFO Generating payment form for order 8101. Notify URL:
    2017-08-15T06:34:47+00:00 INFO PayPal Request Args for order 8101: cmd=_cart&***removed for privacy***&address1=***removed for privacy***&address2=&city=Coseano&state=Udine&zip=33030&country=IT&email=***removed for privacy***&night_phone_b=3314922182&no_shipping=1&tax_cart=3.68&shipping_1=5.00&item_name_1=RESINCERA+LUCIDA+CERA&quantity_1=1&amount_1=11.74&item_number_1=
    2017-08-15T06:35:42+00:00 INFO Checking IPN response is valid
    2017-08-15T06:35:43+00:00 INFO IPN Request: Array
        [body] => Array
                [mc_gross] => 15.42
                [invoice] => WC-8101
                [protection_eligibility] => Eligible
                [item_number1] => 
                [payer_id] => 9PWS3YYJVDFEA
                [tax] => 3.68
                [payment_date] => 23:35:33 Aug 14, 2017 PDT
                [payment_status] => Completed
                [charset] => windows-1252
                [first_name] => italo
                [mc_fee] => 0.87
                [notify_version] => 3.8
                [custom] => {"order_id":8101,"order_key":"wc_order_599296040e94b"}
                [payer_status] => verified
                [business] => ***removed for privacy***
                [num_cart_items] => 1
                [verify_sign] => ADjo6C3IQQk6aIPtlHkb0bT5a6WuAS78lpM6TKhQ-KdSoPDDmwL0pqmp
                [payer_email] => ***removed for privacy***
                [txn_id] => 8F36205932299784E
                [payment_type] => instant
                [last_name] => ***removed for privacy***
                [item_name1] => RESINCERA LUCIDA CERA
                [receiver_email] => ***removed for privacy***
                [payment_fee] => 
                [quantity1] => 1
                [receiver_id] => G4GENCCVQ3KA6
                [txn_type] => cart
                [mc_gross_1] => 16.74
                [mc_currency] => EUR
                [residence_country] => IT
                [transaction_subject] => 
                [payment_gross] => 
                [ipn_track_id] => a7b1efdfb9a5c
                [cmd] => _notify-validate
        [timeout] => 60
        [httpversion] => 1.1
        [compress] => 
        [decompress] => 
        [user-agent] => WooCommerce/3.1.1

    Contains this product:

    In the order, we have a note:
    “Errore validazione: l’importo PayPal non corrsiponde (totale lordo 15.42) Lo stato dell’ordine è cambiato da In attesa di pagamento a In sospeso.”
    “Validation error: PayPal amount doesn’t match (gross total 15.42) Order status changed from Waiting payment to Pending.”

    Every Paypal order with shipping has the same problem
    Paypal orders with free shipping has correct amounts
    Credit card orders with shipping has correct amounts

    Test with a product and same destination:
    credit card is OK and Paypal is NOT OK
    So definitely it’s a Paypal payment gateway problem

    If you need some other info, please ask
    Thanks in advance

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Note: this transaction is made with WooCommerce/3.1.1 but we have the same problem with latest version WooCommerce/3.1.2

    how about bank transfer? my problem is shipping cost loss in order-received shows amount but hasn’t been calculated after I download woocommerce V3.1

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    @veryyes Sorry, we have no bank transfer orders since Woocommerce 3.1 update, so we can’t confirm

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    Was a Paypal account problem:
    there’s a checkbox in Paypal Shipping Options to get values from cart (must be checked)

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