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    Yesterday, I discovered that it was no longer possible to paste an http address into the PayPal sandbox IPN interface on PayPal. As far as I can tell, existing sandbox accounts with existing http IPN URLs still work, but there’s no guarantee that will continue.

    What this means is that although PayPal has announced a September 2016 deadline for all PayPal sites to use https, they have apparently decided to land this new “feature” in the sandbox now.

    This is not unique to Seamless Donations — it appears that anything that uses PayPal’s sandbox has been hit by this.

    The https protocol is important, and it will be more secure, but it means you have to convert your site to handle https. I haven’t yet done this for my sites, but I’m working my way through some tutorials and will hopefully add some helper code in Seamless Donations over time.

    Also, to be clear, Seamless Donations as of 4.0.14 supports the new encryption protocols mandated by PayPal, so communication to and from PayPal is fully compliant. It’s just that your Web site needs to be updated.

    Technically, this isn’t a Seamless Donations issue at all. If your site supports https, you should just be able to put an ‘s’ in the IPN URL and be good to go. Of course, I’ll make it easier as soon as I figure more out.

    In the meantime, here are some tutorials and resources I’m using:

    Hang in there folks, we’ll get through this. Please make sure you sign up to my lab notes update email list at so I can send you any urgent bulletins. By September, your main sites will need to be https-compliant, so this is something we’ll all need to work on very attentively.


    P.S. Apparently, Google favors https sites for Google juice SEO, so there’s that.

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