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    A customer placed an order, used PayPal checkout. I received the new order notification email and noticed the shipping cost was missing Also missing was the shipping address.

    I logged into the website, checked the order, both billing and shipping appeared. Logged into PayPal, both billing and shipping appear. Only thing missing from both was the shipping cost.

    An order placed an hour later processed normally.

    There are two options for shipping, flat rate, and free shipping over $100. The order was under $100.

    I tried on a few different browsers multiple things on checkout to try and get the order to transmit to paypal without the shipping charges and could not replicate what happened.

    Only thing special about this website is it does use MaxCDN if that matters.

    I know most people would write it off as a fluke, but I would really like to know how that happened to ensure it’s not something that could snowball into a bigger issue.

    Thanks for any input.

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    That’d be difficult to troubleshoot without looking at your shipping setup and potentially having to log into your website.

    I’d suggest sending through a test order yourself with the same products and the same address to see which shipping methods are triggered. Might also be worthwhile enabling shipping debug under **WooCommerce > System Status > Tools** to show which shipping methods/zones are triggered (and why) on the front end.

    Might also be worthwhile checking the bits related to shipping as discussed at

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    Hi there, thanks for the response. I have had several orders processed afterwards that didn’t have any problems, but like I said, I kind of want to know why this one didn’t go through properly.
    I’ve tried replicating exactly as the order went through. I started from a different computer that had never been on the website, placed the order exactly as they had it, and everything transferred to PayPal correctly.
    I then cleared the cache/history and tried again several times, did everything I could to make woocommerce not send the shipping, but each time, woocommerce functioned flawlessly.
    I contacted the customer to asked for feedback, specifically the checkout process. She replied the site was working great, showed the shipping charges at the checkout, but when she logged into paypal, the shipping charges were no longer there.
    I do remember something peculiar about the payment on paypal. When I went to print the shipping label, on their new updated system, the ship to would not fill in, just sat with a spinning circle. I had to switch to classic mode to print the label.
    One other thing that I don’t know if it is related, a few days ago, woocommerce wasn’t receiving the payment notification from PayPal and was cancelling orders. In the woocommerce system status there was an error next to “Remote Get” wpremotepost() failed. PayPal IPN won’t work with your server. Contact your hosting provider. Error: cURL error 35: Unsupported SSL protocol version.
    This error was there for a couple hours, then disappeared and all the IPN receipts came in for the orders. My host went through everything, tested the server against paypals tests like the curl tls, everything was working fine. Was completely random.

    Maybe end of the day, that’s all it was… completely random, just have to keep watch on it to see if his starts happening more frequently. Maybe it is something to do with all the new updates Paypal is doing right now.

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