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    I went through all the posts here looking for a fix to this issue but could not find one. I have found at least two other posts with the same issue. I have a paypal sandbox set up. I went through a payment. The plugin performed great. There was howerver no thank you email and the information was not recorded in the admin area. Paypal shows a deduction from the doner and a payment to the test store. Both were completed. Does the sandbox get recorded or only real payments?

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  • Hi cybershot!

    The sandbox test payments should be recorded. There are a couple situations that could cause this not to happen:

    First, make sure you are using the latest version – there was a bug I recently fixed that could cause payments to not record.

    Next, please send me your log (Seamless Donations > Log) so I can take a look. There have been a handful of times when the chatback to PayPal (when confirming the payment) has failed because the hosting provider was blocking fsockopen the function. (Most hosting providers do NOT block this, and those that do frequently unblock it on request.)

    Also, be sure you are doing this on a host accessible from the internet (and not localhost or a computer behind a firewall) – otherwise PayPal’s IPN will not be able to reach Seamless Donations to register the donation. A few people have attempted to test from a MAMP/LAMP install behind a firewall, and PayPal simply can’t reach those computers without extra effort.

    Let me know – and please forward the log to allendav at allendav dot com



    The only thing in my error log ( Seamless Donations -> Error_log ) was this

    [24-Feb-2014 01:36:41 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: paypalData in /wp-content/plugins/seamless-donations/dgx-donate-paypalstd-ipn.php on line 69

    [24-Feb-2014 02:13:05 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: paypalData in /wp-content/plugins/seamless-donations/dgx-donate-paypalstd-ipn.php on line 69

    I contacted my hosting which is bluehost. This is what they said

    What port does your plugin use?

    I am using version 3.0.1

    That notice can be ignored (I will fix that in the next release)

    I meant your Seamless Donations log. In your dashboard for your WordPress site, scroll down to Seamless Donations and under that menu item look for Log. Click on that, and cut and paste that into an email.



    where is your email address? There isn’t anything much in the log accept notices that a transaction has started. Its not picking up that the transaction finished. I will email it but I can’t find your email.

    The log is recording the information. But it doesn’t say completed even though paypal is registering the donation as completed and the funds are being transferred. I also tried these queries that you sent me in another thread and phpmyadmin reported 0 rows affected. The query did succeed but it returned an empty result set. Could this be affecting the backend? Is there a way the tables might not have set up correctly?

    SELECT * FROMwrd_postsWHERE post_type = “dgx-donation” LIMIT 0 , 30

    SELECT * FROMwrd_postmeta` WHERE meta_key = “_dgx_donate_amount”

    Please send the log so I can take a look – in particular the “payment status” line must say “Completed” for the donation to be recorded. Here is a quick test I just did myself:

    2014-02-24 17:38:49 ----------------------------------------
    2014-02-24 17:38:50 Donation transaction started
    2014-02-24 17:38:50 Name: Allen Snook
    2014-02-24 17:38:50 Amount: 10
    2014-02-24 17:38:50 IPN:
    2014-02-24 17:39:43 ----------------------------------------
    2014-02-24 17:39:44 IPN processing start
    2014-02-24 17:39:45 IPN VERIFIED for session ID dgxdonate_gkffvudmlk_1393292317
    2014-02-24 17:39:45 Payment status = Completed
    2014-02-24 17:39:45 Created donation 260 from form data in transient for sessionID dgxdonate_gkffvudmlk_1393292317
    2014-02-24 17:39:45 Payment currency = USD
    2014-02-24 17:39:50 IPN processing complete

    It looks like the forum munged the queries a bit. They should look more like this:

    wrd_posts WHERE post_type = “dgx-donation” LIMIT 0 , 30
    SELECT * FROM wrd_postmeta WHERE meta_key = “_dgx_donate_amount”

    Be sure to replace wrd_posts with the name of the table where your posts are located and wrd_postmeta with the name of your postmeta table. That said – until we get a donation to Complete, you will not have any “dgx-donation” posts in your database.

    Hope this helps… Please send that log excerpt

    Ugh – it is still stripping the backticks off of the table names. Please enclose those table names in backticks (I think the underscores in the table names might make backticks around the table names necessary, at least phpMyAdmin was requiring them last night for me)

    My email address is allendav at allendav dot com



    cybershot – the PHP notice you cited above is now fixed with version 3.0.2

    I sent you the log of the last two transactions

    Ya, I tried the backtick thing. still get an empty result set. I can’t even find any data in those tables if I search manually. I an in the options table. I am entering these queries directly in phpmyadmin in the sql tab.

    Yeah – until we get IPN working with the PayPal Sandbox, you will not have a donation record to observe (they are stored in database transients until PayPal shows a Completed payment status)

    Thanks for sending the log – that helped! So looking at your log confirms that the transaction is starting but it looks like the PayPal developer sandbox is not initiating an IPN to your site (you should see an IPN processing start message in that log)

    I was able to browse to your IPN URL directly (you might see a null IPN in your log now from that – you can ignore that)

    I was also able to use the IPN testing facility at PayPal to successfully send a test IPN to that URL (its a great resource – – use Express Checkout as the transaction type) – you can ignore that in your log as well.

    That leads me to believe there is something amiss with your PayPal developer sandbox account setup.

    Make sure your PayPal sandbox account (where you are sending the donations) is configured as follows:

    Account Type: Business
    Status: Verified
    Payment Review: Off
    Negative Testing: Off

    You should not need to set an IPN in your account, but you can try that as well.

    Let me know if any of these settings were incorrect and if changing them fixed the problem. Once you get an IPN to complete, you’ll be able to see donation records in the database.

    unfortunately, the new settings didn’t do anything. I can’t send myself a donation without setting up another paypal account. I don’t want to do that. Thanks for your help in this matter. The support has been great.

    I found some settings in the developer account for turning on IPN notifications. Now in the log after each donation, I get a message that says

    2014-03-01 01:55:23 Donation transaction started
    2014-03-01 01:55:23 Name: jamie johnson
    2014-03-01 01:55:23 Amount: 10
    2014-03-01 01:55:23 IPN: ipn listed in settings
    2014-03-01 01:55:38 —————————————-
    2014-03-01 01:55:38 IPN processing start
    2014-03-01 01:55:39 IPN failed (INVALID) for sessionID dgxdonate_9s2coo0ak5_1393638880
    2014-03-01 01:55:39 IPN processing complete

    Does this information help at all? I feel as if there is more there than when you tried to help earlier.

    I figured it out. I was logged into the developer account with a personal account type. I did however set the ipn settings in the seller account. You need to log into the actual developer test site which looks just like the normal paypal account. That is where are the settings are. So I had to log in at with the seller account that was created at Once logged in, I could see the settings to allow IPN notifications. They were turned off. The donation still failed I think because my developer account was personal even though the test accounts I set up were business. Once I chnanged the settings in the site, the test of the IPN did work. So I then created a new account at using a different email. I set that up as a business account and then created the buyer account and that allowed the donations to show. I am also getting the thank you emails.

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