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  • I know you currently do not have a solution to use Paypal Pro Hosted (UK) gateway, however I read way back in the support pages you suggested trying Paypal advanced instead as it was close to PP Pro.

    Well I tried but the gateway is disable as it does not like £ (GBP) currency 🙁

    It would be great if you could get Paypal Pro hosted working 😉


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  • Plugin Contributor angelleye


    I’m sorry for the delay getting back to you.

    Unfortunately, our plugin does not (yet) support Pro Hosted. We’re looking to do this in the future but it may be a couple of months. I’m sorry I don’t have better immediate news for you.

    Thanks for the reply. One thing I would like to ask about this plugin. Does the site have to be PCI compliant to use this plugin?

    I an confused about taking payments on the checkout page where card info is stored or taking payments on the checkout page but Paypal handles the card payments via the panel )iframe?) on your checkout page?

    So I guess my question is does your plugin load the PAYPAL card gateway in the checkout page and avoid card info being stored on the website with PCI needed?


    Plugin Contributor angelleye


    Depending on the gateway you’re using within our plugin an SSL would be required, and you would also have to make sure you aren’t saving CC details in the database, in log files, etc. Our plugin doesn’t do that, but you could be within your own custom functions or in other plugins.

    The direct credit card options would require that, which would be Payments Pro, Braintree Credit Card, REST Credit Card. PayPal Advanced and the Braintree Drop-In UI work in iFrames so would not require the SSL.

    Really, though, an SSL is recommended regardless of how you’re taking payments. Also, an SSL isn’t the only thing that makes you PCI compliant, of course, but if you aren’t saving any sensitive data anywhere on your server then there isn’t any data that needs such secure protection in the first place.

    Thank you for your informative reply. I tried the plugin but none of the payments methoda are the same as our PayPal Pro 🙁

    It appears our PayPal Pro account only supports hosted gateway or through a Paypal Partner which would cost extra. Bit nuch when we already pay £20 a month for PP hosted 🙁

    I tried the PayPal Payments Pro 2.0 and entered all the credentails but at checkout the error was “No available payment methods for your State”.

    Hopefully you will sometime create a hosted solution that I can integrate into the checkout page instead of the ugly standard Paypal iframe on a page I can’t style 😉

    I’ll take a look at Braintree.


    Plugin Contributor angelleye


    I can get you setup with the full Payments Pro in UK without any monthly fee if you want. I prefer that over hosted / iFrame solutions personally, and again, with an SSL and no sensitive data saved on your server you’d technically be compliant.

    Sent you a message via your website 😉

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