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    What is the difference between Paypal Standard and Pro versions?

    In fact, I don’t well understand this statement: “Stop redirecting customers to Payment Gateway’s websites. Start accepting payments on your website using PayPal”

    Standard version also accepts payments at the website, or is it?

    And, what does this mean: “requires PayPal pro account” – is this what Paypal names “merchant” account or else?

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  • Plugin Contributor Brian Mutende


    PayPal Standard

    Transactions via PayPal Standard are processed on PayPal’s site (not your own), and will allow customers to pay with a PayPal balance or credit card. They’ll be sent to PayPal from your checkout screen, and you’ll be charged the standard transaction fee for these payments, which is 2.9 percent + 30¢ per transaction. Customers are then directed back to your site after completing the PayPal checkout.

    Since checkout is completed on PayPal’s site, you have to rely on PayPal to send payment success and failure notifications back to your store for completed orders using something called an Instant Payment Notification (IPN). Using the PayPal IPN can occasionally be unreliable, which can sometimes result in the invoices not being completed correctly on your store, which is one of the downsides to PayPal Standard.

    PayPal Pro

    There are no startup or termination fees with PayPal Pro, but there is a $30 monthly fee along with a per-transaction fee of 2.9 percent + 30¢.

    The biggest difference (and benefit!) to using PayPal Pro is that you can customize the entire checkout experience, as customers remain on your site during the checkout process rather than being directed to PayPal to complete checkout or approve payments.

    PayPal Pro is available to merchants in the U.K., U.S., and Canada.

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