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    Since installing the plugin any paypal payments we receive via woocommerce arent being marked as ‘processing’ and as such we arent receiving paypal order emails. (We also use sagepay and these ARE being marked as processing which is correct).

    Do you know of any issue? Im deactivating the plugin to test.


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  • I’m having the exact same issue on a site I am setting up right now for a client. I just spent a couple of hours trying to figure out what I did wrong, so glad to see it’s a bug, and not just me.

    In case it matters, am using the latest of everything (as of Oct 23, 2017)

    Woocommerce ver 3.2.1
    Wordpress ver 4.8.2
    PHP 7.1.9
    MySQL 5.6.36

    Unlike Adam, not using/testing other gateways, and only using Paypal so no information on whether others are working correctly.


    After hours of trying to debug this, fixing every warning and notice in PHP, I gave up trying to fix it, and decided to build from scratch.

    Did a complete refresh. Database wiped, brand new install of WordPress, with Woocommerce the only plugin, using the default WordPress theme. I created a single simple product, only title, marked ‘virtual’, set inventory amount to 10.

    Same result, still returning from Paypal without marking as processed, and even after manually clicking to process, the inventory isn’t updating, remains at 10, even with 13 items sold.

    Note: 13 items sold, because first sale of ‘3’ not factored when second sale of ’10’ was put through. 13 sold, still 10/10 remaining, even after processing.

    Still works fine on AWS.

    Plugin Author chetnapatel


    Hi @adam_xwr & @avant-5,

    Thank you for describing the issue in detail and pointing out the issue.

    I have tried to replicate the issue on our staging server. I placed a normal order for the site when our plugin was activated. I had used PayPal payment method. Then I have checked that WooCommerce order status is “On Hold”.

    After that, I have deactivated our plugin and placed a normal order as a logged-in user. And it is showing “On Hold” status for my order.

    As you have mentioned that order status is not marked as Processing. Can you please let me know which status is showing for the order? Can you please tell us you have made any changes related with the order status?

    Also, kindly let us know when our plugin is deactivated on your site then it is showing the same status for the order? Can you please let me know you are facing an issue with the logged-in user or guest user?

    I will be looking into this issue the day after tomorrow. As I am on the leave for tomorrow. I hope it is fine by you.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Chetna Bhutka

    Hi Chetna,

    Thank you so much for your response, but your plugin has nothing to do with my problem. I mistakenly posted here after finding Adam’s post by Googling my issue.

    I never installed your plugin, so my issue is exclusively a WooCommerce problem, and not related to your plugin.

    Adam may try this – I resolved the problem by ditching the WooCommerce Paypal gateway and writing my own with the help of this tutorial by Igor Benić:

    This completely resolved the problem, and Paypal works perfectly with Woocommerce now.

    Plugin Author chetnapatel



    It’s ok.

    Thank you for updating us and giving the solution which you have followed. I hope it will help to the clients.

    Hi @adam_xwr,

    Can you please confirm that you are able to solve the issue with Paypal?

    Let me know if you have queries with our plugin.

    Chetna Bhutka


    Sorry for late reply, I have disabled your plugin but am waiting for a payment as so I can check the status of orders coming in. They where marked ‘yellow’ pending payment if i recall correctly.


    Plugin Author chetnapatel



    Please feel free to revert back after confirming order status.

    If you face the issue with our plugin the please let me know.

    Chetna Bhutka

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